Tawangmangu Day 2

Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

Wednesday, 24 February, 2010

11:30 am

Back into the dream world. A quick brunch and coffee then off to Grojogan Sewu waterfall. A short distance away. Not many people as it was weekdays. Down the winding steps and went straight to the waterfall. Took some photographs from afar. Much more water falling as compared to my visit here in November last year. Raining season. The authorities had put up barrier line preventing visitors from getting near the pool where the water land. I understood their action. During raining season there could be a sudden drop of wall of water. It could be raining heavily over the mountain and not a single drop at the waterfall area. Possibly it could knock one’s head hard to the ground…eh, granite.

I climbed the slope on the left side to have a better view of the small pool and took some photographs. Before heading back to the hotel, had two glasses of coffee at one of the stalls. As I reviewed the photographs, I can’t help but overheard the stall lady talked to her friend something like, “… photographs of stones.” Jajaja.

3:00 pm

Back at the hotel. Arranged for transport tomorrow morning to Cemoro Kandang (one of two entrances, the other is Cemoro Sewu) and return trip in the evening. After a little bargaining, agreed on the sum of Rp 135k. I intended to get to the summit of Mount Lawu. Had coffee and rest.

4:00 pm

Head to the main road, Jalan Raya Lawu. Walked up the sloping road a few kilometres and then down a few kilometres to town. Tawangmangu town is very small, populated with shops, market, food stalls and a bus terminal. Bought some food and drinks for my journey tomorrow and toiletries. Took ojek (pillion ride on a bike) back to hotel.

Budget Hotels Abound

7:30 pm

Had dinner of nasi goreng (again!) and coffee (my favourite cuppa). Write this journal, charging batteries and preparing for tomorrow. Hoping for a fine day for the trip.

4 Responses to “Tawangmangu Day 2”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Your travel tale of Tawangmangu are helping me alot, as I plan to be there in May 2014. Learning alot from your experience. Thankyou.

    • asahjaya Says:

      Glad that it helps others. Have a safe and happy adventure.

      PS: Much regret that I can’t reply earlier, been busy with some huge DIY works so I’ve been giving the internet a miss.

      • Thomas Alston Says:

        I will not be leaving for two months, and I would like to ask you some questions: I want to climb Lawu on the Cemoro Kandang trail, without a big pack and tons of stuff to keep warm. I wish there was a “rental” shop in Tawangmangu, but I doubt that … I think it was you who mentioned that certain provisions were available from the gate keepers: May I ask WHAT SORT of provisions? I may just climb up to Post 4 to see the view and retreat back, to return that same day, but I I would prefer to spend the night around MEBOK YEM, and if I don’t freeze do the sunrise the next morning and head down Cemoro Sewu, to the Bintang Hotel. Your tale of getting caught in the dark and making a phone call while chattering from the cold reminded me of when I was stranded in Romania and tried to sleep along a river, but it was so cold I had to walk back and forth until sunrise to keep warm. Back to Indonesia travel, I will mostly be in hot areas but have dedicated FOUR days in Tawangmangu, but I hate to burden myself down with big coats and sleeping bag in the HOT areas. I may bundle up in an old coat that after I do the Mt. Lawu walk I can just give the coat to the guys at the gate and be rid of the weight. I will be there 7 May 2014 while you were there in February, maybe colder then

        • asahjaya Says:

          Hi there Thomas,

          I don’t think that I mentioned to you about the gate keeper. But it’s probably good idea to meet the gate keeper a day before the climb if they have any camping stuff for rent and ask for advice.

          The last time I was there, there was an empty shack on the summit albeit a bit littered. No problem cleaning it to stay the night. If it is still there then you have shelter from the cold wind and what you need is just a sleeping bag. But to be safe in my opinion, just bring along a one man tent and a sleeping bag to stay the night and get to see the sunrise, I am sure it’s beautiful.

          Also try to get some info from the hotel staff if there are camping stuff for rent in the area. Maybe they can rent it to you if they have it.

          Just before the summit there is a level ridge, its a straight walk except for a little climb up and over a blocking rock. And just before this ridge in an area still covered with trees, there is a small spring just after a shack ( I think it’s on a small opened area with grass).

          Have a safe and pleasurable journey.

          Warmest regards,

          Note: I hope that you get to rent the items needed for camping especially tent, camping stove and sleeping bag. As for food I am sure you can live for one night on instant noodle, candy bars and instant coffee. Just carefully burn away the wrappers, they are form oil anyway.

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