Jogjakarta – Solo – Jogjakarta Day 9

Pasar Legi, Surakarta (Solo)

Wednesday, 3 March, 2010

9:00 am

Breakfast was lemon marmalade sandwich. Left the hotel for Tugu station on a becak. I was taking advantage of the shuttle train services between Jogja and Solo called the Pramek. I came to know this when going to Jogja from Solo. It is just about an hour trip. I decided to make a day trip back to Solo and to take some photographs that I didn’t took the chances then. These services make for a nice day trip either way.

11:45 am

The Becak Other Role

Arrived at Solo Balapan. Not taking a becak, I walked to Pasar Legi. Bought some Pecel peanut sauce, I forgot this one 😉 . Then, a becak ride to Alun-Alun. Had lunch at a Padang food stall. Took some photographs of the crafts shops nearby and then headed for Pasar Klewer.

Pasar Klewer is well-known for batik. Anything that is batik. There’s the original batik sarong, then batik dresses, shirts, t-shirts and now a plethora of new ideas. I bought a batik printed notebook bag here previously. This time I just walked around leisurely and bought a few t-shirts of different designs than previously bought.

It looked like it was going to rain, I then took a becak ride back to Solo Balapan Station.

4:00 pm

Arts and Crafts Shop next to Alun-Alun

Back in Jogja. Bought a burger at the station, it tasted nice the last time. Walked along Jalan Malioboro.

5:30 pm

Back at the hotel. Asked at the counter for hot coffee. Savoured the burger, coffee and killing the time idling.

7:30 pm

Online. Writing and updating this blog.

10:10 pm

Exhausted my second 6-hour coupon. As of now I am on my third coupon and had reached this point. Till next time.

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