Jogjakarta Day 13


Sign At the Entrance of an Alley

Sunday, 7 March, 2010

12:00 am

Went to the Internet cafe, looking at Telkomsel site for Internet logging-on solution. The FAQ did help a little bit. Downloaded the pdf howto on setting-up for the log-in to Telkomsel Network.

3:00 am

Returned back to hotel room.

6:00 am

Bike on Seat and Lap

Armed with the knowledge gathered, set-up the notebook outside the hotel room and tried to log on to the Internet. No deal. Called the helpdesk for assistance, and was told to register again with the text GPRS followed by a space and the 16-digit ID number printed on the bigger card that came together attached with the prepaid SIM card…Again, no deal.

7:00 am

Finished half of the sandwich, slept.

12:00 pm

Bought lunch. Didn’t felt like going out, trying to solve the internet access. Later in the day, I tried to rent a bike. Not knowing that it was Sunday, the shop was closed for business on Sundays.

4:00 pm

Rest Time

Time to go to the Internet cafe again. I tried a different Internet cafe although I had one more 6-hour coupon to log-on at the previous Internet cafe. I wanted to download Huawei connection software client for the 3G modem that I had. The Vodafone Connect Lite program that came with the modem just froze and proceed no further. I assumed it was because my prepaid card service provider was not it’s partner in Indonesia. Lucky for me, I found the solution.

6:00 pm

Back at the hotel room. I removed the Vodafone Connect Lite software from the modem and replaced it with Huawei Mobile Partner. The logging-on was successful on first attempt straightaway with the default dialing code and settings. After choosing the type of package on the Telkomsel site, I was able to surf.

10:00 pm

I finished the whole 3-hour log-on time in just one session. Went out to buy dinner and after that laid down and rest.

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