Jogjakarta Day 14


Sunset in Jogja

Sunset in Jogja

Monday, 8 March, 2010

Haven’t had a blink yet, just could not sleep. As usual, my time to sleep was when the sun had risen.

7:00 am


1:00 pm

Went out to buy Rp 60,000 worth of connection time for the prepaid Internet access. Enough for six hours of surfing. I set-up the notebook outside the hotel room. Each room had two chairs and a table. The weather was fine, bright and sunny, good lighting for video chat.

Indomaret at Malioboro not the one near hotel

5:00 pm

Left for Malioboro on foot. Took some silhouette photographs with the twilight sky as backdrop. Stopped at a stall for a cuppa. Started to rain, a slightly heavy drizzle. A while later when the drizzle had almost stopped, I carried on with my journey. At Malioboro, I wasted no time in getting the items that I had in mind, then to McDonald for a burger, coffee and some surfing.

9:00 pm

Left for hotel. Soon I’d be leaving for home, probably no more shopping, I began to pack the items that would go into the luggage bag that would be checked-in at the airport. Later, went to

Ornamental Lamp Post

Indomaret, it’s somewhat akin to Eleven-7  😉  , to have the luggage bag weighed. About 13 kilos, 15 kilos was my limit, 2 more kilos could be added. The rest would go into the sack as carry-in.

11:00 pm

Trying to go out tomorrow for a full day touring, on a bike if I could get one, sleep early.

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