Finally…at Long Last

Charade G200 engine bay with the CB23 engine removed.

At last, I had plucked enough courage to overcome the procrastination that had been haunting me, jaja. Hesitation is an uphill battle but enough is enough, I need the car for mobility especially in the hours where public transport is not available.

The crank shaft needs to be machined for new connecting rod sleeve bearings. The pistons and rings in this instance will be replaced too. Hmm, it’s quite tantalising at the moment to have the ports and pistons polished just so I can get a half second advantage at SIC…just drooling here. Power doesn’t come free, fuel consumption will go up. Then again, it is better to grind the valves.

2 Responses to “Finally…at Long Last”

  1. Peter Giee Says:

    I see you have your pistons arrows pointed away from the flywheel. Is this how they were when you dismantled the engine? I need to know this small fact..thanks

    • asahjaya Says:

      I’m not sure of the arrows position when I dismantled the engine, but according to the manual the front of the engine is the opposite side of the flywheel, that is where the two gears are, near piston number 1. There are front marks on the pistons and the connecting rods which should be assembled accordingly and when installing should be facing the front. Hope this help.

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