Can you confirm you understood the message?

Alonso in a Ferrari at the Malaysian 2010 GP

For those people who have been following F1, the outcome¬† of the phrase is the talk of the community currently.¬† It’s one of the agenda in many F1 online communities. Heck, it’s also been used in pulling legs.

F1 in it’s current form is a team race. So it should be WCC only and not WCC and WDC. This is my opinion. Is it pure sports? No. Sadly to say money talks. As the saying goes, “Money makes the world go round.” Teams need money and one of the means is through sponsorship. Sponsor brings advertisement and with advertisement comes promotion. For F1 to be truly WCC and WDC, then there should only be one driver and not two or even three as some had suggested.

To be the pinnacle of motor sports, F1 should also lead the way for the advancement in the motor industries. No point in building innovations that cannot be used by the general public at large. Lots of money being wasted though some of the innovations did make it into road cars albeit the premium ones. All those research gone to waste. Money down the drain flows like water, no wonder it’s expensive. Not a very good financial management. It is time for the F1 authority to put limitations at the appropriate places. Budget cap, yes. Need to find the optimum level. Engine capacity as in cc, yes but not to freeze it’s developments. If the engines can be easily adapted to normal road cars, then many engine makers would be more than willing to join the fray. It makes economics sense.

Come 2013, hopefully a more meaningful formula will be set. A formula which generally will be good for the teams, drivers and fans… and oh, sponsors.

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