Capturing Eagles Images – My Experience

Homes in Moro just behind the main street

I got the chance to test the Sigma 150-500mm telezoom lens at Moro, Karimun, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia. It was quite an experience. My trip to Moro was for other reason but I would take the chance if there was opportunity and indeed there were plenty of opportunities.

Red-backed Sea Eagle otherwise known as the Brahminy Kite

There are quite a number of eagles in Moro but not as much compare to those that I saw in Daik, Pulau Lingga, another island that is part of the Riau Province. They are the Red-backed Sea Eagle otherwise popularly known by its other name the Brahminy Kite. Occasionally, one or two adult White-bellied Sea Eagles could be seen mingled amongst them which I did not witnessed in Daik. One of the sources of food for the eagles in Moro is the processing and packing site of a fishing company which then export its products to Singapore. Fishes that are accidentally dropped into the sea or did not make the grade.

Since I am new to shooting birds, I did some searching to read up on tips or advice given by those professioanl BIF (Birds In Flight) photographers. Their tips are spot-on and from the experience that I had, I have my own conclusions too.

They are the majority

Make sure the sun is behind, very fast shutter speed and know when to call it a day, these are roughly what were said. I understood them well but to shoot wild and free eagles is not easy. First, you have to go to their playground or hunting ground. Second, you have to wait for them to fly near you. The chances are almost negligible if the eagles are uninterested in you. Third, you cannot get a good and sharp picture of eagle beyond certain distance. OS or no OS, a slight shake in your telelens movement is being magnified by the distance. The more the distance, the greater the shake will be unless your are panning or the eagle is very large.

I have solved the first part. I now know where to find them. It is the second and the third part that I think I need to barter with them eagles. Food in exchange for good pictures. So next time, probably chicken will be offered at a near distance.

4 Responses to “Capturing Eagles Images – My Experience”

  1. bintangzohra Says:

    bird fly high hard to catch ………hmmm what else ah?!

  2. migwi Says:

    hey these are such great shots. i have saved them keep more posted.

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