F1 2011 Malaysian GP

F1 2011 Malaysian GP

This was my second time attending an F1 GP in person and both were at Sepang. My wish for a C3 Hillstand was dashed as it was sold out. There were only three hillstands and I was left with two choices that was C1 and K2 and I chose C1. My intent to have a seat at C3 was because this time around I was better equipped and I wanted to correct the mistakes that I did last year plus some other ideas that I had in mind. No dismay though,  it was also a good thing to have had the experience at other location in Sepang.
C1 and C3 is seperated by C2 which is a covered hillstand. Facing the circuit, C1 is on the left while C3 is on the right-side of C2. An added bonus was that you get to see the big screen display in the field across the track that was meant for C2 spectators albeit at an angle. At C1 you get to see the cars coming out from the tight corner of turn 9 then picking up speed going uphill to turn 10 and into the fast corner of turn 11 before disappearing out of view just immediately after turn 12. Turn 11 is a place to have a good shot. Turn 10 is further out unless you have the reach.

Track & Weather viewed at C1 Hillstand at Sepang

The clouds looked menacing though but fortunately for us spectators in the uncovered hillstands, it just drizzled slightly on a few instances and that it did not demand an instant mass retreat for shelter. During the race, there was nothing spectacular to see at this location as the cars were generally spaced out. I regretted not to shoot Barichello driving pass with the left rear wheel devoid of rubber. The event was won by Vettel, second and third placing went to Button and Heidfeld respectively.

It was nice that some of the drivers put in an extra effort to show their friendliness to the fans. My view of Michael Schumacher getting into the car after the autograph session was blocked and I was surprised that he climbed up and waved to the fans on the other side. This goodwill was  repeated by Lewis Hamilton but the best came from Sebastian Vettel, he handed out postcards personally to some lucky fans.

Vettel handing postcards to the lucky few

Some of my selected pics of the day;


Early birds queuing for the autographs

The girls

Drivers arriving

The Ferarri Team

The Fans

Thats the spirit