Night Photography On A Moving Becak


I shot these pictures a while back in March 2010 during my visit to the city of Jogjakarta, Java, Indonesia. I was on a becak (pronounced bay-chark) on my way back to the hotel from the popular shopping area, locals and tourists alike, of Malioboro and it was raining lightly. As can be seen from the picture above, the view ahead was opened to me. I was taken with and fascinated by the reflection of the colours on the wet road surface. It struck me on how the images might look when exposed at varying shutter speeds. Without much hesitation I took the camera out and began experimenting.

Short exporsure - ¼ second

Long exposure - 1 second

Longer exposure - 4 seconds

Images of Lingga, Riau Archipelago Province, Indonesia

Pictures taken during my travel to the island of Lingga in Riau Archipelago, Indonesia, just south of Singapore.

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Some details of the pictures here are on my flickr site.

Singapore River Scenery after Sunset

Pictures of buildings, old and new, around what was previously the mouth of the Singapore River.

The old and the new

Notice of bridge usage by the CPO

Once occupied by the Immigration Department but now a museum

New buildings

Newer buildings

Eclipse of The Moon 10 December 2011

The pictures are hot, straight off the camera and from the location less than 3 hours ago. Here in Malaysia it was estimated that the penumbra would touch the moon at 7.30 pm  and the umbra at 8.45 pm. Full on at 10.05 to 10.57 pm. I decided to shoot the phenomenon at Lido Beach, Johor Bahru which was some 45km away from my home. At about 9.30pm I reached Lido Beach and quickly set-up the camera. The moon by then had been covered almost entirely. Here are the selected pics;

9.59 pm

10.10 pm

10.27 pm

10.35 pm

10.47 pm

11.02 pm

11.05 pm

11.15 pm

11.23 pm

11.43 pm

11.53 pm

00.24 am

Back to its full glory at about 00.32 am

Images of Moro, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia

Here are some of the pictures shot while I was visiting Moro, Riau Archipelago Province, Indonesia.

Harbour Front Ferry Terminal, Singapore

The Town of Tanjung Balai in Karimun

Pier in Tanjung Balai for the fast boat to Moro

Pier in Moro

The town of Moro. The white building is purpose built for swiflets to dwell so that they can harvest the nest

Brahminy Kite or Red-backed Sea Eagle


There are many of them

Shipping, I don't know the destination

This one I know

Exporting fish to Singapore

Houses behind the town street

Road leading away from Moro town

Stilt houses next to sea

Houses on neighbouring island

Low tide

Small fishing boats

A finished sampan ready for coating



One of the few penginapans or inns

View of Moro town from the sea

Ferry schedule

Driving In The Rain

This time of the year in Southeast Asia is the time for the Northeast Monsoon season which begins in November till March. Not that it will rain everyday but expect that it will be more than any other months. If it does rain, depending on your location under the widespread clouds, it could be very very heavy, heavy, drizzling or no rain at all. It is almost impossible to drive if the rain is very very heavy. You can’t even see the vehicle 10 metres ahead of you and not even the road lines. Luckily this seldom happens.

Yesterday evening, I decided to go for a Sunday drive to Pontian, Johor. It was cloudy but I still brought my camera along. On my way there, the heaven started to let loose its holding lightly until I came to a stretch of road where it poured slightly heavier than heavy. I decided to shoot some pictures and look for clearing next to the road shoulder that was safe to park. I found one ahead and pulled over but then on this location the rain was not as heavy as the previous immediate stretch that I had just passed. Lighting was very poor, I had to use high ISO. After a few shots I continued with my journey and not very far ahead, it didn’t rain at all. Again I stopped and worked the shutter a few more times. Then onwards there was no more stopping although there was rain on the roads ahead and stopped just before Pontian on the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia.

Visibility was about 50 metres

No rain

Sunset at Pontian overlooking the Straits of Malacca

Error Message: License information for TF1Book is invalid

Error Message

I was almost done with installing the programs that I needed on the new PC. Everything was running smooth when after installing SSuite Accel, the standalone freeware alternative for Microsoft Excel, I got a message that said, “License information for TF1Book is invalid.” Searching on the net, I found that it was caused by the ActiveX control file VFC132.OCX. I tried to look for remedy on the FAQ section on the author’s site and it was a known issue. Here what’s been written on the site;

“The error you received is from an ActiveX component that did not register on installation. (The Spreadsheet Canvas)

Simply uninstall the office suite and reinstall it, this should fix the problem (you may have to try once or twice). Microsoft made some adjustments to their system paths and registration procedures.

If the above solution does not work, try the following:

1. Open the run dialog box on the main start menu of Windows
2. type the following command script into the edit box – “regsvr32 vcf132.ocx”
3. click the OK button

If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, follow these steps:

Register the component from an elevated command prompt. Right click on the icon for Command Prompt on the start menu and select Run as Administrator. You will be prompted by UAC to approve the elevation. Once the command prompt window is open, run your “regsvr32  vcf132.ocx”command from that window and it should succeed.

This should register the component. The applications using the spreadsheet canvas should run normaly now.”

Well, it didn’t work for me, though I did not uninstall it but just chose the repair option when reinstalling. Ultimately I restored the system with the first backup image (the one right after installation, activate and update) followed immediately by installing the SSuite Accel program. It worked. I then copied the file VCF132.OCX which was found in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 directory to another location for safekeeping. Next I installed all the other programs one at a time, executing the program after installation followed by executing SSuite Accel. All went fine until the last program DoubleCAD XT 3. The CAD program worked fine but then running SSuite Accel gave me the message. Looking at the file in SysWOW64 folder, it was bigger, newer and had a higher version number. I overwritten this file with the saved copy. To my joy both programs executed just fine.

Installed by SSuite Accel

Installed by DoubleCAD XT 3

There should be no problem in running SSuite Accel except for DoubleCAD XT 3. It is depending on the newer version of the file VCF132.OCX, there might or might not be a problem. As of now, that I do not know as I am yet to use the program. Hopefully there’s none.


I don’t know, maybe its the nut that holds the mouse, this program could not open an xls file and I don’t feel like finding the reason why. I seldom use word processor, let alone spreadsheet. What I need is a small program to open the respective files. Installation program file for Microsoft Excel viewer alone is 75MB. No can do. In the end I ended up with LibreOffice portable, just another fork of OpenOffice.