Driving In The Rain

This time of the year in Southeast Asia is the time for the Northeast Monsoon season which begins in November till March. Not that it will rain everyday but expect that it will be more than any other months. If it does rain, depending on your location under the widespread clouds, it could be very very heavy, heavy, drizzling or no rain at all. It is almost impossible to drive if the rain is very very heavy. You can’t even see the vehicle 10 metres ahead of you and not even the road lines. Luckily this seldom happens.

Yesterday evening, I decided to go for a Sunday drive to Pontian, Johor. It was cloudy but I still brought my camera along. On my way there, the heaven started to let loose its holding lightly until I came to a stretch of road where it poured slightly heavier than heavy. I decided to shoot some pictures and look for clearing next to the road shoulder that was safe to park. I found one ahead and pulled over but then on this location the rain was not as heavy as the previous immediate stretch that I had just passed. Lighting was very poor, I had to use high ISO. After a few shots I continued with my journey and not very far ahead, it didn’t rain at all. Again I stopped and worked the shutter a few more times. Then onwards there was no more stopping although there was rain on the roads ahead and stopped just before Pontian on the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia.

Visibility was about 50 metres

No rain

Sunset at Pontian overlooking the Straits of Malacca

6 Responses to “Driving In The Rain”

  1. bintangzohra Says:

    tahniaaa!! iNteR….NaSiOnaL sehhhh, belum 24 jam dah 5 suka

  2. Kathy Says:

    Nice sunset view at Pontian!

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