A Modern Day Kampung By The Water – Kampung Pendas Baru

In my early childhood, I lived in a wooden stilt house on a river bank of a branch of Kallang River, Singapore. It was attached to my maternal grandparents house. There was a bridge behind our house that linked our house to our grandparents house. It was here that we clean ourselves. Then there was another that stretched out into the river and at the end of it there was a hut where we disposed off our organic waste.   I remember very well the sound made when it hit the water or mud, it seemed to reverberate vividly in the closed compartment.  Those were the days.

I was delighted when I saw a new kampung by the water at Tanjung Kupang, on the southwestern end of Johor, Malaysia. A modern kampung of stilt houses built of bricks. Yeah, sadly with the dwindling forest, woods had became scarce and expensive. Besides, wood is combustible, easily incinerated and thus reduced to ash, so it’s for the better.

It is a modern kampung because other than brick houses on stilts there are no more hut for organic waste removal to be seen. Classic and yet modern. The folks were relocated here from their old domicile of Kampung Pendas not far away. I waited for the day when the tide is high to go there for photo outing. It was last Wednesday and here are the images.

2 Responses to “A Modern Day Kampung By The Water – Kampung Pendas Baru”

  1. Amina Jasmine Says:

    my grandmother n all my uncles n aunties are the local resident.but i really miss the KG pendas laut befor…when the tide is high….my cousins n i will swim together n we can just jump from our grandma bridge or window……….oh..i miss it much

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