Rebuilding Home Audio Tower Speakers

The boxes before operation

As I said before that I’m not into music but I do listen to them and now the speakers are reaching its end of life. Having years of exposure to the high humidity of the tropics, the box’s boards are losing its bonding property. It is chipping away at the edges and the joints are opening up. Also the woofers have weakened and are not producing solid bass sound anymore. Since I have a few speaker drivers lying around I decide to rebuild the two speakers.

I have two pairs of 4Ohm car subwoofer drivers, one is a pair of an old 8inch and the other is a new pair of 10inch which are not up to par for the car amplifier. Each of the two different sizes woofer drivers will be paired in a single box connected in series so as to give an impedance of 8Ohm. The mid-range drivers which itself replaced the original mid-range drivers shall be reused. New tweeters and two-way crossovers salvaged from old speakers and kept will complete the setup for an 8Ohm nominal impedance speaker boxes.

The first step is the removal of all the drivers and tweeters followed by the stripping off of the dark coloured wood looking laminating sheets. A layer of fibreglass sheet is laminated at the bottom of the boxes and two layer of resin coats are applied to the rest, filling-in the gaps and cavities. Once the resin has cured, it is sanded before a layer of undercoat/filler paint is applied with a brush. The undercoat paint is then sanded and later covered with a layer of black paint. Again the surfaces are sanded but this time using fine grit sandpapers. Finally the boxes are sprayed with black paint followed by clear lacquer as the final touch.

The damage

Tuning and terminal holes

Enlarged hole for the 10inch woofer

Originally the boxes are of the vented type with tuning holes but are now covered and turned into sealed boxes for better sound clarity. Also as a departure from the norm, I have separated the boxes into two segments, one for the woofers and the other for the mid-range and tweeter.

Job's done

I am quite happy with the sounds, the bass is more solid and does not baffle even if the bass is cranked up. No problem in the high frequencies either, in fact now I can hear the instruments played clearly except that the mid-range is slightly muted. This could be the mid-range drivers itself or the two-way crossovers of which I do not know its crossover frequency, or whatever it is. A quick refresh reading on filters and crossovers, I come to know again about the 180 degrees phase change on the high frequency side. A reverse in polarity for the connections to the terminals of the mid-range drivers and tweeters solved the problem.

Pacific Swallow

Pacific Swallow parenting

I have been going places to photograph birds but had been neglecting the ones that are very very near to me. There is a bird’s nest on my rented house front porch. I do not know its species until I decided to give it a few shots. With the close-up images I get to see its detail more clearly. After some searching I found out that it was Pacific Swallow.

What took you so long

MotoGP Pre-season Test at Sepang International Circuit 2012

Road to Sepang Town

I came to know that the 2012 MotoGP pre-season test at Sepang International Circuit on the 31 January to 2 February 2012 is open for fans to watch it for free at the main grandstand. Without much hesitation I pack up my gear and drive 240 kilometres up to Sepang on the last day of the first test session at Sepang. The second test is scheduled at the end of February 2012.

Sepang is a small town

The grandstand is very close to the track so I need to get up to speed with the riders. It takes me awhile till I got the shots that are worthwhile to keep.

Trust me it was Valentino Rossi.....I think

Defending Champion. The phrase Satu HATI at the bottom of the fairing in Malay means One Heart meaning UNITED (in everything)

I am lucky to meet a guy who is a very passionate fan of motor sports. He tells me that the other end of the grandstand (hard braking and cornering) is a good place for shooting photographs. Thanks to  him I got a few good close shots of the riders taking on the corner.

These pictures are big enough as a wallpaper for a full HD resolution monitor (need to crop the height though).

Valentino Rossi






Finally, a wheelie by Valentino Rossi just before the session ends.

Thanks for the wheelie

Images of Pre-season Test 2 is here and here.

Marhaban Ya Rasul

Hari ulangtahun keputeraan Nabi junjungan Saiyidina Muhammad Ibnu Abdullah jatuh pada Ahad 5 Februari 2012. Selawat dan salam keatasnya. Mempunyai akhlak yang mulia, sebaik-baik contoh dan yang membawa ugama yang lebih tinggi dan mulia dari yang lain. Barangsiapa yang berpegang kepada peningalannya (Quran dan Sunnahnya) nescaya tidak akan sesat buat selama-lamanya.

Sallu alaih.