Buying From Ebay

Today I receive a package from the postman. It is an item that I have bought eight days ago from Ebay, a Timing Light.

The DIY LED timing light, constructed from a circuit pulled from the Internet, is dead and the old car still needs some working to be done, hence the decision not to repair but to buy one online.  It shouldn’t be expensive because it is just like a small manual flash unit with a trigger circuitry added to it.  After a while browsing at the choices available, I choose the one as shown above.

Bright LED DIY timing light

After unpacking the item, I did not try it out immediately. Instead, I make myself a cup of coffee, sit down and relax while enjoying the cuppa. Once done, I set off to work with it. Unfortunately it does not work but the small red coloured check light at the side of it do flashes.  I assume the fault is on the output side. Shaking the device, I hear sounds of something small bouncing between the walls.  Upon dismantling the device, I find that the xenon tube is chipped at one of its terminal ends. A case of rough handling I presume.

The damaged xenon tube

I have a spare xenon tube but the xenon tube is slightly longer.   I decide to buy one from the electronics shop near my area but could not find any, the shop does not hold stock.  So the xenon tube that I have goes into the timing light and it works.  The timing part is done and the next part is to set the rpm to the desired setting at 800 rpm.  But, the car has no tachometer.  In order to read the rpm, the pickup coil from the old DIY LED timing light shall be used to feed pulses to the notebook running freeware oscilloscope program.  To do this I need to clean the pulses and make sure the output voltage equals or less than the required voltage level of the notebook line-in, so as not to damage it.

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