Trying Out Windows 8 Release Preview

I had downloaded the installer twice. The first time, I was unable to do a clean install on the striped SSDs. The same thing happened with the second downloaded installer even with the latest RAID driver from AMD. Perhaps the RAID driver was not meant for Windows 8 or that I was missing something.  I did the next thing, upgrade the existing Windows 7 installation. After a few reboots the installer encountered an error and so the installer put the system nicely back to the state it was before.

I was about to give-up this time too when it came to me that maybe one, some or all of the installed programs/drivers were the reason.  Without much haste, I reinstalled the system with the first clone image that I did, the one done right after installation and update. It worked.

Looking at the Metro UI, I sensed the shift to mobile. It was an interface meant for systems toys on the go, tablets, smartphones and probably netbooks and not exactly for desktops and notebooks.  But then different people had different preferences, one man’s meat was another man’s poison.  The desktop and taskbar were still there but not the start menu.  You could execute program by typing the filename on the Explorer address bar,  I never did try this on Windows 7 (update: well it could be done too).   Aero Glass was no where to be found but somehow I knew it was still there.  After some searching and a few tries it was enabled.  So Microsoft, don’t you ever removed it, I’m on a desktop with 8 cores!

Aero Glass enabled

Well, I cannot use this OS for now.  I am working with programs on the computer, not use it just to access information as can be seen with the large icons on the Start. The maintenance tools are all hidden and I have to dig for it.  I am at a loss.  It is becoming an OS for gadgets and not for computers running application programs though it still is.  Let see what will it be when the release version is out.  Maybe it is time for me to get really familiar with Linux.

Fixing The Manual Steering Rack

There was a small play on the steering rack. Initially I thought it was the rack end but after removing the steering rack and on closer inspection, the movement was lateral and not longitudinal along the axis of the rack.  The small play was a result of a worn out bush in the rack housing and not the ball joint on the rack end. It was my first time having a look at the mechanics of the manual steering rack and I was surprised that the bush was made of plastic. I had no problem in getting the replacement part and since it was plastic it was cheap too.

I had no clue on how to remove the cylindrical cover of the pinion without hurting it. It was not the problem so I left it alone

Job done and dusted, also replaced were the rubbers on the tie rods

Now the small problem with the steering rack had been fixed, I’m on the next agenda that is to make the steering of the old car more firm. The handling of the old car is not as good as the handling of new cars of today. While the control arms are solid, it doesn’t have a front anti-roll bar. Aftermarket front anti-roll bar for the old car is not easy to find. At least what I can do is to install a strut bar to improve it.