The Girls of Malaysia MotoGP 2013 Expo Event

This time I don’t have the images from the races or from the practice sessions. Somehow most of the images from the three races and practices were corrupted. What gives?  I don’t know.  Canon DPP cannot read it although initially it could.  Using faststone or RawTherapee, I could load the corrupted images but it has a magenta tinge on all of them.  Hence here I will just post pictures from the secondary reason why I attended the Malaysian MotoGP 2013.  The girls of the expo event and there were many of them.

Besides the races, there was also a trade expo for products related to motorcycle. There were many booths and the scene looked quite hectic. Throngs of people moving around in quite an unorderly flow but, it is also a good place of great opportunity to test the lenses.  There were many sales promoters cum models that will put on a smile and pose to any lens that were trained at them, no question asked.  I must admit that I admire their patience working tirelessly in the three days event. I knew they were tired because I have had that experience before.  Public relation is not easy at times.  By virtue of my experience, I am and event photographer and I like to shoot subjects at their natural states.  So I began snapping at these promoters before they realised my action and in between customers, I could see their reactions.

The MotoGP race was won by Dani Pedrosa who incidentally won here last year in the wet, his first ever MotoGP win in wet conditions.

Selamat Hari Raya ‘Idil Adha 1434

Saya mengambil kesempatan ini dengan mengucapkan kepada sekalian muslimin dan muslimat , “Selamat Hari Raya ‘Idil Adha.”  Semoga kita dapat mengambil iktibar dengan cerita-cerita yang terkandung dalam hari yang bersejarah ini.  Kepada sekalian yang sedang menunaikan ibadah haji saya doakan agar mereka sekalian mendapat haji yang mabrur. Amin.

Test Run The Sigma 50-150mm F2.8 APO EX DG SA Mount


Sigma 50-150mm f2.8 APO EX DG

I had just received this used lens which I bought it off ebay from a seller in South Korea and had just taken it for a ride to do some test shots.

Once in a while I will go down to Kulai town (the name had actually changed to Kulaijaya since it became a county but still being used) for a breakfast of Roti Canai (sort of wheat flour pancake bread) and I did that just this morning.  I also brought along the Sigma SD15 with this lens mounted and had the intention of taking photographs of the seller turning the dough into Roti Canai but that did not happen.  It’s not in the menu today except for fried noodle.  Oh well, still it was fine with me but no photographs of the process.  Anyroad, here are the takes.  All shot at ISO 100, aperture priority at f2.8 except for Kulai town which was at f5.6. Exported to tiff from Sigma Photo Pro 5, balanced, local contrast enhanced, scaled down and exported to jpeg in GIMP. No sharpening and colour enhance done.


Morning scene in Kulaijaya town centre. Cloudy and at 7.45am surprisingly still misty

stopping by

Tools of the environment officer


This is what I had for breakfast


Tap, hose and sprinkler. This is at the front yard of the house