Printer shelf

The Ikea rack is good and neat for stacking printers if you have a few of them.  The only problem is that the planks are made from chipboard.  In high humidity climes this does not bode well.  I made a mistake replacing the damaged planks with planks of the same kind.  Apparently it did not took long for the tell-tale signs to appear again.


It has not rain for quite a while and this is the humidity reading

Since I had done with the computer table and still in the mood, I decided to give the rack a makeover.  I bought a 3′ x 4′ plywood which was about 10mm thick and made a small cabinet replacing the top shelf for storing the papers and inks.  With the leftover of the plywood, I managed to replace the planks of two shelfs except for one as I did not have a sizeable plywood left for it.  As with the computer table it was a quick one as I did not prime it with skins or lacquer and wood dye. I just went for the raw look.

Hub & Power

A single USB extended into a hub and the power point extension…and no it’s not a pincushion distortion of the lens, it’s the real bending of the chipboard plank

There is space on the lower shelf for a larger cabinet but I don’t have the need for the storing space at the moment though I will do it if the materials happen to be available freely.

DIY: Small Wall Mounted Computer Table

Today is the anniversary of the birth of Prophet Muhammad pbuh 1435 years ago (Edit: Actually this was the time he moved from Mecca to Medina.  He was more than 40 years old then.) according to the muslim Hijri calendar. Sallu Alaih.

Wall mounted small table for PC

The small computer table that I bought was made from chipboard (nowadays woods are expensive, you have to pay a premium for it).  In the high humidity of the tropical area that I’m putting at, it did not last long.   Soon the table top had lost its flatness followed by the chipping of the woods at the edges.  Someone had discarded a plate glass which was just about the size of the table top, so I picked it up, brought it home and replaced the table top.  It was alright for a while.  Then I had trouble cleaning the area around the computer table. Dust seemed to be creeping very consistently underneath the table in just a short while after the place had been cleaned.  It was a hassle.  Not that the cleaning was very laborious but that I needed to shift things aside if I were to clean the area thoroughly.  Since the table was not handsome anymore and I needed the ease in cleaning the area, the idea of a wall mounted table was hatched.

I bought a pair of wall mount brackets and a pair of rollers for the drawer.  I could not get a solid bracket that I once saw sometimes back, so I got the next best thing.  Made from thin stainless steel and rather twisty, I figured that it should suffice to support the weight albeit a little flexing if I were to rest my arms on the edge of the table.  The material for the table was from scrap plywood that I had lying around at the back of the house.  I still retained the glass to cover over the table top and the table is now done and in service.

table done

The finished table. Just 3 components, the table top, drawer and the cage to hold the PC


Brackets fixed and ready for load (update: ordinary wall plug is not strong enough, I had replaced the topmost wall plugs, where the brunt of the loading occurs, with the much stronger wall anchors)

table attached

The table attached to the brackets

Update 17 Feb 2016

The table had just been renewed and expanded.  I am now using separate PCs for work and surfing.  It just could not cope with two PCs without swapping.  The new table top constructed from scrap plywood, I just bought a few pieces of 3/4″x1/2″x6′ woods for trimming and reuse the old drawer and PC cage.