Linux: From Toe Testing To Flat Footing

UbuntuSudio Desktop

UbuntuStudio Desktop

I had tried Linux once in a while as time went by and I had seen the improvements made over the years. Still, I wasn’t ready to have a system based on it. Last few weeks I spent trying out a few of the Linux distros to check if it was time for me to have a permanent installation instead of just install and delete. I was in need of another computer and I wanted to know if the time had come for me to have a Linux box permanently.

After some searching, reading, downloading, burnt a few cds and trying, I must say that now Linux is practically more than ready for the masses. It works right after installation though you still need to install the printer driver which is easy if supported and the proprietary graphics card driver instead of the default driver, if you want the real deal (initially this needs some sweating though).

Graphics card and printers installed

Graphics card and printers installed

There are still some loose ends to be tackled but they are not of great concern. Things like installing application programs and hardware drivers especially graphics cards and printers if they are not in the repositories at hand (the default distro repositories right after installation) which are still quite technical. Thus I hope in the near future, the Linux developers communities could make the installation/removing process of application programs and hardware drivers unified and simple, whatever the variant of the Linux OS that is used. These will entice the application developers and hardware manufacturers to produce products that will also target the Linux OS platform.

I decided to settle for UbuntuStudio because it had groups of programs for audio production, video production, graphic design, photography and publishing. The decision was not hard to make as the new pc was primarily intended for photography post processing.

Application programs

Application programs

Installation was straight forward and fast (without internet connection). At the reboot, it was done, unlike Windows 7 installation that has to go through 3 reboots to get it done. But what is more important is the feeling I get in using it, I must say that it is a pleasure. The booting up process, shutting down process and opening and closing of application programs (same programs used in Windows 7) are fast compared to Windows 7. I am so satisfied that I am now shifting my body weight slightly over to this foot standing on the Linux OS.

4 Responses to “Linux: From Toe Testing To Flat Footing”

  1. Meho Says:

    Linux community always been, first, based on Freedom (free as in freedom, not as in free beer…). Many Linux user are willing to use Linux OS even if there is few things that are not supported yet. Because they believe in this freedom, in an internet based on sharing, in interoperability between OS, apps, unlike Windows and Apple.

    Yes, Ubuntu and Canonical are bringing a lot of users to Linux, but they are mostly non participant users. They don’t help building this open society.

    • asahjaya Says:

      Thanks for the visit and comment. I believe in moderation, not too rigid and not too soft and I do support Linux (haha at least I did put up some desktop wallpapers many moons ago on kde). As for me, I need to do some work on the PC, and how can I use the OS if my printer and graphics card are not supported (I’m no gamer but the gpu power is needed in 3D work).

      PS: The pics on my two blogs here are free for everyone to use.

      • Meho Says:

        But there is so many people I know they’re using Blender with a supported graphic card. For me, when I thought about buying a PC, I first looked to get a supported one. Most are so… Now and in the future, I’ll always look for a supported hardware before buying.

        Have a good day!

        • asahjaya Says:

          Yes, that’s it, supported. No problem for the informed users. My concern is for the general users. I had provided IT services previously for domestic and small businesses, you have to make it easy for them to use the computer or else they would be calling you frequently for assistance.

          Warmest regards and have a nice day too.

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