About Me

I love traveling, computer, photography, motorsports and read materials pertaining to these loves of mine especially the latest news regarding computer and motorsports primarily F1 and MotoGP/2/3 photography.

Oh, almost forgot that I’m also into DIY sometimes, namely electronics and car engine repair.

I once saw a poster of a very small cascading river and the words written on it. It said something like, “Let imagination flows and not to freeze it.” I can’t remember by whom. Well, …I have imagination and it doesn’t flow nor does it frozen…but, it just trickles albeit once in a long while.

Welcome and thanks for visiting. I hope that you will find something that will be of help.

Warmest regards,


22 Responses to “About Me”

  1. life 4 none Says:

    Is that all about You? U are the Man!!

  2. Agung Widodo Says:

    Apa kabar ? Apa kaki masih sakit ? Semoga sudah sembuh & beraktifitas seperti sedia kala.

  3. Hayyu Qayyum Says:

    a drop of water can split the stone…..”your imaginations”!

    • asahjaya Says:

      I wanted to reply earlier, but the thing I wanted to say, just didn’t come in. Now, it had just came. I guess what you really meant was that of a ‘constant dropping’ of the single drop. Peace.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. bintangzohra Says:

    heyyy AsahJaya !
    bintangzohra is here.

  5. zhuri Says:

    Askm Aba AJ,
    Semoga apa impian abg jdi kenyataan.InsyALLAH

    Zhuri(Spg Rgm)

  6. halim inside Says:

    saya suka blog nya.. 😀
    salam kenal dari Batam..

  7. Jeff Says:

    Salam, boleh bagi e-mel add x? saya nak tanya pasal Lingga ni. Saya pun plan nak pi tgk Gunung Daik.

  8. mysukmana Says:

    assalamualaikum, slm kenal om

  9. Fachrie Lantera Says:

    hai assalamu ‘alaikum wr wb , sy Fachrie dari makassar, senang melihat blognya, mas gak papa gak sy ambil gambarnya yang pinishi, sy mau pakai jadi wallpaper di twitter dan website saya, salam kenal…ngomong-ngomong domisili di mana?

  10. Elizabeth Moran Says:

    Dear Asahjaya: I will be traveling to Makassar in August. May I ask you a few questions, please? Elizabeth, Los Angeles

  11. wenly juniarto Says:

    hi bro..
    may i know where is the coconut plantation?

    • asahjaya Says:

      Sorry, which coconut plantation are you referring to? Which article or something else (we have met before)? If you are referring to Punggur Beach (Pantai Punggur) than it is a district of Batu Pahat just further up north from Benut. Or the something else could be my intention to plant coconut. In that case, I have a second thought. I am now planning on coffee instead and now in the process of germinating the coffee beans. Or, the only photo of a coconut plantation from my travels across peninsula Malaysia then it is in the state of Terengganu. I’m not so sure about the place but I think it’s between Kuala Terengganu and Besut.

      Hope this will answer your question. Thanks for visiting.

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