Eclipse of The Moon 10 December 2011

The pictures are hot, straight off the camera and from the location less than 3 hours ago. Here in Malaysia it was estimated that the penumbra would touch the moon at 7.30 pmĀ  and the umbra at 8.45 pm. Full on at 10.05 to 10.57 pm. I decided to shoot the phenomenon at Lido Beach, Johor Bahru which was some 45km away from my home. At about 9.30pm I reached Lido Beach and quickly set-up the camera. The moon by then had been covered almost entirely. Here are the selected pics;

9.59 pm

10.10 pm

10.27 pm

10.35 pm

10.47 pm

11.02 pm

11.05 pm

11.15 pm

11.23 pm

11.43 pm

11.53 pm

00.24 am

Back to its full glory at about 00.32 am