Practically Done With The Car

All aboard

Whatever in the engine bay is back to where it belong. The old engine is a mess and the head too. In the end I just clean the transmission, put in new oil seals and just plug and play with the replacement engine. I did removed the carbon on the piston heads, valves and its surrounding areas though.  The car has moved since been immobile for more than a year.  The job is done but it is an old car so I need to look at other things that might need attention, mostly trimmings, brakes and the steering.

The wobbling in the balance shaft (top) even minute is too much for the plastic gear attached to it

Oil seals in the gearbox replaced

I now have an extra engine which I can rebuild and the transmission unit too. I can use it to power a DIY buggy if I have the raw materials, cutting, bending and welding equipment plus the will to do it.