Jogjakarta Day 11

The Small Garden Fronting My Hotel Room

Friday, 5 March, 2010

2:00 am

Done with online, went back to hotel and bought dinner along the way. Back at the hotel boiled water to make coffee and enjoyed my dinner with it. Rearranged all the things that I had bought neatly on the bed.

5:00 am

Time to rest.

11:00 pm

Batik Wisnu Shop

Done with breakfast. Washed clothes and hanged it in front of my room. No more washing, enough clean clothes to last till the flight home. Once finished, sat outside the room listening to the muezzins calling for prayer, one after another, overlapping. It was Friday, so those calls were for the weekly congregation on Friday noon prayer with sermons.

2:00 pm

Went out to buy lunch. Had the intention of walking to Malioboro in late afternoon, taking photographs along the way. Rest.

Satay Sellers Just Before Malioboro

5:00 pm

Intention postponed.

6:30 pm

On my way to Malioboro. Went by the road next to Alun-Alun. On reaching the North of Alun-Alun I saw a batik shop called Batik Wisnu. It seemed to be quite busy with quite a handful of customers. On passing by I looked through the glass windows, the prices seemed very reasonable. I went in to have a look. By just looking, I ended up with one batik t-shirt, two batik shirts and one batik long dress.

Busker Group

Malioboro is just north of Alun-Alun. I was late, it was almost time for shops to close for the day. I walked along to see if I could find shops selling luggage bag. Saw one and I just checked on the prices. Went further up and saw a busker group of musicians playing local songs and sometimes western. They were very good indeed, they did stopped a few passers-by including myself, though this was the second time I saw them.

After having a sandwich at McDonald, I sat and listen to their music again, this time on the opposite side of the road.

9:00 pm

Left Malioboro to get back to the hotel. Had a cuppa and laid down to rest.