Solo – Jogjakarta Day 7

Chairs and Table outside the room at Hotel Pulung

Monday, 1 March, 2010

8:00 am

Had breakfast and put out my still haven’t dry washings out in the sun. Just sitting for an hour and when the washings had dried, packed it and had a shower.

11:00 am

Had a good look around the hotel room making sure nothing’s left behind, locked the room and checked-out. Took a becak ride to Balapan Train Station. About time, train was about to leave for Jogjakarta in a few minutes.

1:00 pm

Arrived at Jogja Tugu Station. Ride took about a little more than an hour. Bought a burger to be eaten later. Had a 15 minutes massage by a massaging chair at the station for Rp 10,000. Hanged around a while waiting for the train that blocked the path to the other side entrance/exit of the station to continue on it’s journey. Once I was out of the station, went straight to one of the food shops for lunch. Went to check the hotel with hotspot at the south end of the station. Price not right for me, so I took a becak ride to Prawirotaman. Pay Rp 60,000 for a room at Hotel Pulung with no attached bathroom. Rest.

4:00 pm

Walked around the neighbourhood to check on better deal. None can be found. Return back to hotel room. Idling around.

7:00 pm

Finished the burger bought earlier. Went out to Internet cafe. I ended up using my notebook and bought a coupon for Rp 10,000 that will last for 6 hours. After about two hours, I returned back to my hotel room.Too bad the wifi signals from the Internet cafe cannot be received back at the hotel room, since it was nearby, otherwise I wouldn’t have to go over to the cafe, could just log-in from the hotel room.


Tawangmangu – Solo Day 5

Tawangmangu Town Centre

Saturday, 27 February, 2010

4:30 am

My whole body was still reeling with ache after the seemingly not so arduous climb to the summit of Mount Lawu. Can’t sleep again, so I started packing early. After the day broke, took some photographs of the surrounding areas.

7:30 am

Breakfast was served. Fried rice with omelette. Preparing to check out. With no fixed itinerary, I wondered where to wander. But first got to log on the Internet.

9:20 am

Checked-out. Went to the handphone stall by the roadside where I bought an Indonesian prepaid card, to get it registered. I could not register it using my handphone, somehow after certain part of the texting, I could not send it. Once done, I went to the Internet cafe at the bus terminal. I updated this blog but then the upload speed was miserable. So no pics to upload. It cost me Rp 3500 for an hour.

Afterward, I roamed around the area and took some photographs.

Tawangmangu Bus Terminal

11:20 am

Left Tawangmangu for Solo by bus. It was not an express service, so a lot of stoppages and the fare was only Rp 7000 this time, hmmm. Once at Tirtonadi bus terminal in Solo, I rested in a small roadside stall to have a glass of coffee plus some nuts. After four days being pampered by the cool weather of Tawangmangu plus the shivering few hours stranded on the mountain slope, I was greeted by the sweltering heat of Solo.

I then took a becak (trishaw) to Jalan Imam Bonjol. It surprised me when the becakman asked me where was Jalan Imam Bonjol. I then told him to ferry me to a very popular location, Alun-Alun. It was not his day, a short distance later, one of the tyres punctured. I gave him Rp 3000 and took another becak. This time the becakman was much older than the previous one. Solo is a small city albeit much bigger than Tawangmangu. So what looked like a veteran becakman should know the streets in Solo like the back of his hand…but, it was another surprise. He too asked me where was Jalan Imam Bonjol. As before, I asked for Alun-Alun.

I intended to give him Rp 10,000 for the trip but out of curiosity, I asked him how much? He replied Rp 12,000. I told him the bus fare from Tawangmangu to Solo was only Rp 7000. He then settled for Rp 10,000. I then leisurely walked to Jalan Imam Bonjol.

2:45 pm

Checked-in at Hotel Mawar Melati. Got myself a room with no air-conditioning for Rp 65000 per day. Rest.

6:20 pm

Went out to have dinner at a Padang Restaurant. Then to Matahari Shopping Centre to see whether I could get a prepaid wireless Internet broadband service. So many stalls selling handphones and its related services but non on Internet services that I could find. Oh well, I then took a becak ride to an Internet cafe near the hotel. Spent three hours just to update this blog.

11:20 pm

Back at the hotel room. Could not sleep. So, I continue writing and it is now 1:40 am, Sunday morning.

Solo – Tawangmangu Day 1

Tuesday, 23 February, 2010

8:30 am

Arrived at Adi Sumarmo Airport, Solo. After immigration and custom clearance had a instant ABC coffee outside the terminal building for Rp 10k. Took a taxi to Tirtonadi bus terminal for Rp 55k. Paid Rp 9k for bus ride from Tirtonadi to Tawangmangu. At Tawangmangu was approached by a runner and brought me to Santoso Mulyo (meaning Honourable Always) Hotel. Just 70 metres away from the Grojogan Sewu Waterfall, I was told. Van ride to hotel cost Rp 10k and paid Rp 120k for two nights stay. Had a light meal of instant noodle for Rp 5k and two glasses of coffee.

11:00 am

No internet access, sleep and rest for the day.

4:00 pm

Woke up and had a shower. Went out but it was almost sunset and cloudy, went back to room. A while later I intended to have a look around but it rained slightly. Instead, had dinner of nasi goreng. Asked for coffee but was given chrysanthemum tea instead. After dinner the rain had stopped, went out to the main road to have a look-see at the surrounding. Quite a very large number of budget hotels in the neighbourhood. Not much activity there at that hour. Took some night photographs. Few vehicles passed by to give that streaking lights. One and at some lucky times two vehicles passed by once in a while. No complaint. This is not a big town.

8:15 pm

Back in hotel room and type the day events while charging the notebook and camera batteries.

Here’s the pic.

Jalan Raya Lawu near Beji