A Dawn of a New Era


The BBC Page


Live streaming in the Internet is nothing new. Old news in fact but thanks to BBC and the Chilean authority for broadcasting a marathon live streaming of the rescue operation for the 33 trapped miners in the San Jose mine in northern Chile near the town Copiapo. As of this writing, 25 miners had been rescued, 8 more miners to go plus 6 rescuers that were sent below.

A many firsts for this unfortunate event. The greatest number of miners trapped. The longest period of miners trapped. A Marathon live coverage of the rescue operation even down to the cavity underground where the miners had been holed up for sixty-nine days. And my sincere hope, a successful rescue operation. Plus many more.


Update: The capsule named Phoenix that carried the last of the trapped miners, Luis Urzua emerged at exactly 21:55 hrs local time on the 13th October 2010. Jubilation all over Chile and the world over. What camaraderie those involved had shown. Bravo. Now to harness that camaraderie to solve all the other problems and may they succeed in their quest. Viva Chile.

Last of the rescuers, Manuel Gonzalez, emerged just after midnight at 00:32 local time.