Why My Pictures Are Not Sharp?

Prophet Muhammad Birthday (pbuh).

The Foveon X3® Direct Image Sensor

It’s the sensor. The current sensor technology had it’s three primary colour pixels side-by-side as opposed to the film method of recording colour where it had the red, green and blue recording materials in separate layers. To make one dot or a pixel of colour in the sensor, it is spread a little bit and then manipulated. That is why the image is not as sharp as the image produced by the film. This belief is just my assumption.

Having bought a Sigma lens, I did have a look a its site and came to know of a new sensor technology called the Foveon X3® Direct Image Sensor. It was developed by Foveon, Inc. which was later bought by Sigma Corporation and became its subsidiary. Pictures look sharp and I had just bought a Canon 😦 . No wonder I did saw some serious photographers works quite a while back on the net using Sigma camera plus an adapter (or modified mount) and some very expensive prime lenses. It is only now that I know.

I sincerely hope that in the near future Canon will use such technology or its equivalent else I will be dreaming of a Sigma camera. It is the only dslr camera currently on the market that have this kind of sensor and please Sigma don’t slap a high price for it to let other camera makers to incorporate this sensor.