The Lone Cormorant Is Not Alone Anymore

Heron In Flight

I’m kinda likeĀ  Lido Beach because of the birds there. The Herons and Egrets were few compared to the ubiquitous sparrows, crows, pigeons and the very proliferating birds that were the Mynas. Occasionally I did saw a White-bellied Sea Eagle flying high and once missed seeing a Red-backed Sea Eagle (Brahminy Kite) diving. I only got to see it getting airborne and flew away eating its catch in flight. A missed opportunity. I must say seeing an eagle catching its prey just beneath the surface of the water is a sight to behold. The positioning for blind spot, the swooping dive, the timing (wings stretching far behindĀ  and talons forward) and finally the catch and the flight, precision.

Missed Opportunity

The birds that followed the ferry while I was on my trip from Penyalai to Tanjung Batu in Riau Indonesia were also found at Lido Beach. I had yet to know its name. So after some searching I found out that the species were known as Tern. There were two types of terns that followed the ferry, the Black-nape Tern and the Little Tern. The one I saw at Lido Beach was the Little Tern.

Little Tern

Just recently, I was passing by Lido Beach at Johor Bahru and as usual I gave a quick glance to see if there were Herons nearby. What I saw really surprised me. The lone duck cormorant that I had seen alone all those while was no longer alone. Now it had company, not one but two. It’s a crowd……well at least.

Not alone anymore