LIMA 2015

LIMA 2015 Aerospace Venue

LIMA 2015 Aerospace Venue

LIMA stands for Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition that takes place once every two years. It covers both civilian and defense industries but the main focus is on defense industry. The event, which had its beginning in 1991, is held early in the year around March. There is an event this year and it is over. I had the opportunity to present myself in person to witness it for the first time. Part of the reason was that I wanted to see local military pilots performing the cobra manoeuvre in their Sukhoi Su-30MKM. The first time I saw it was in early 80s in an aerospace exhibition held in Singapore and performed by the then new Sukhoi Su-27. I never knew who the pilot was, but the manoeuvre was pioneered by a Russian pilot named Viktor Pugachev. Never did I see it before, a plane in very high alpha almost verticle, flying horizontally across. It was an eye-opener and awe-inspiring manoeuvre, a class of its own.

My intention to cover both the Maritime and Aerospace events did not go well. My mistake, I did not know that on the event days, it was practically impossible to get from one event location to the other on time. The Maritime and Aerospace events were held at different venues and I did not factor the traffic conditions in. Arriving late and practically no space for parking, I did not get to cover the maritime event except that I was lucky enough to see the maritime show, a mock-up operations of sea rescue and took some pictures.

The following day, I decided to totally dedicate the time to cover just the Aerospace event especially the aerial displays because it was my main reason for being there. I moved from one location to another, both inside and outside the venue including top of the hill next to the runway. Only a few pictures of the flying metal birds turned out good, ah well, but it thus inspired me to do better next time…if I have the means and time for it. Definitely I need to do some careful planning if it is permissible for me to be there on the next coming event.

Thank you very much to the organiser for issuing me a Media Pass and I wish that it will again be given to me for the subsequent event, if it is possible for me to go, to fully cover LIMA thoroughly. I am a blogger/photographer, covering event is my espertise.

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