My Pictures are not Sharp

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50

One of the habits that I had when covering a wedding or a function was to give a quick snap so that I could capture the spontaneity in all it’s nature. No need to focus, just set it wide and the distance and it will be in focus thanks to depth-of-field. But with the camera that I’m having now, I need to change. Auto focus needs time. Also one other thing that I came to realise is that in manual focus mode even though I can set it to wide, I cannot see the DOF distance covered, no marking…well…no regret, at least I still have the toy. (Found out later that this is the norm with most if not all the camera of this type, no marking. Even on the AF lenses of the DSLR very few have the DOF mark on it.)

I had thought of a way to overcome the problem as first step. I need to get myself an assignment, a macro photography assignment. Whatever subject. It could be in or around the house, though I have flowers and insects in mind. Let see.

But first thing first, I need to repair the car. It hasn’t move for months. I don’t blame myself, it’s the procrastination. It’s a heavy job to bring the engine down alone with minimal tools.

Anyway, it’s time to save for that body. For now, I can only drool.