Pentax: I Still Have A Spot For It


I started out photography with a Ricoh KR1 and its Rikenon 50mm F1.4.  After that I moved on to Pentax ME Super, MX and LX.  I still have the MX and LX bodies, its motor drive and winder respectively, plus all the K-mount lenses that I bought except for the Rikenon 50mm F1.4. Sadly I missed it now.

It is nice to know that the Pentax brand is now owned by Ricoh and keeping the Pentax’s name alive.  Kudos to Ricoh.   My present photography gear is now based on Canon, hence I seldom check on Pentax news only once in a while.  Just then I read that a full frame Pentax is coming out by the end of this year or early next year, I am thrilled.  It is my hope that Pentax will not price this up and coming camera like Sigma did with its SD1 originally but to follow the later pricing of the SD1, that is not pricing it too high so as to be able to penetrate the market.  All those manual K-mount lenses that I had will still be manual, I have no problem with it cause I’ve been through with it and can deal with it without any problem and that image stabilisation is in the Pentax body itself, surely is a plus.

Time to start skimping.