Tawangmangu Day 3

Thursday, 25 February, 2010

4:00 am

Summit Marker

Preparing for the day trip up to the summit of Mount Lawu. Had breakfast of nasi goreng and hot coffee. Needed the carbohydrate for energy. Left for Cemoro Kandang at 6:00 am. At 7:00, registered my name at the post and headed up. Along the way there were five resting posts excluding the one at the summit. After rest post 2, it’s a long and winding path upwards. There were new tracks the that goes straight up, making shortcuts of the winding path. It looks like it was made by the water going down and taken advantage by climbers. I did tried but it made me gasping for air after each level. Not for me though, so I took the long and winding road, resting a while at each resting post. After six hours, I reached the summit. Had some snack and drink for the energy needed for the hike downwards.

1:15 pm

Descent. In order to make short the time, I went along the water beaten path. Holding, sliding and stepping along. Upon reaching post 1, saw a group of four men on the way up. A little chat and good wishes, then on my way down again.

5:25 pm

Arrived at Post 1. Could had reached earlier but I was tired and the path after Post 3 was slippery, it had drizzled earlier. Had quite a number of slips and a few falls, still I trudged unrelented along the slippery track while trying to beat the light.

5:30 pm

Had to make it to the entrance before the daylight was gone. Tried to walk as fast as I could but the slippery sloping path made me took baby steps. After half an hour, it was dark, I rummaged through my sack for the torchlight. Sadly it was not there, I had left it at the hotel room, forgot to pack it in. I tried to carry on but was afraid that I might get astray. I rested a while. It was raining slightly and I was feeling cold. I tried to head back to Post 1 for shelter using light from the handphone. After about 50 metres, I gave up and stayed put at a slightly opened area under a tree.

Maybe because of the dense vegetation, the handphone signals came and gone. I was lucky to get into contact with the driver that was supposed to pick me up. I asked him to inform the ranger at the entrance post about my situation and to come and get me as it was raining and cold plus the coldness of high altitude.

8:45 pm

Heard voices shouting. I replied, “Here!” Then when I saw lights swaying, I lighted my handphone and swayed it. Two rangers came. They brought food and hot coffee. I said that I was not hungry but immediately gulped down the hot coffee. On our way down two more rangers came up.

Back at the entrance post, I thanked the rangers and headed back to the hotel.

9:30 pm

At the hotel, I ordered two glasses of hot coffee. Thirsty indeed. At least nine hours of hiking excluding rest. Feeling very tired and weary, I retired early.

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