Printer shelf

The Ikea rack is good and neat for stacking printers if you have a few of them.  The only problem is that the planks are made from chipboard.  In high humidity climes this does not bode well.  I made a mistake replacing the damaged planks with planks of the same kind.  Apparently it did not took long for the tell-tale signs to appear again.


It has not rain for quite a while and this is the humidity reading

Since I had done with the computer table and still in the mood, I decided to give the rack a makeover.  I bought a 3′ x 4′ plywood which was about 10mm thick and made a small cabinet replacing the top shelf for storing the papers and inks.  With the leftover of the plywood, I managed to replace the planks of two shelfs except for one as I did not have a sizeable plywood left for it.  As with the computer table it was a quick one as I did not prime it with skins or lacquer and wood dye. I just went for the raw look.

Hub & Power

A single USB extended into a hub and the power point extension…and no it’s not a pincushion distortion of the lens, it’s the real bending of the chipboard plank

There is space on the lower shelf for a larger cabinet but I don’t have the need for the storing space at the moment though I will do it if the materials happen to be available freely.