Jogjakarta Day 15

Tuesday, 9 March, 2010

Water-logged Jalan Parangtritis

2:00 am

Woke up. Could not get back to sleep again. Had some bread and hot coffee. Transferred the photographs into the notebook and charged the batteries. Looking around the room to see what else needed to be packed, none, except for the pants and t-shirt to be worn tomorrow and those that I’m wearing. Nothing else to do, I laid down and rest.

9:00 am

I just looked at the sandwich breakfast, not touching it. Weather was good, I hesitated to go out and look for a bike to be rented for the day. I had intended to go to Prambanan and if possible Borobudur and Parangtritis beach to shoot some photographs with better preparations. I had

Slow shutter while on a becak

been to those places late last year but the eagerness to go this time around was not strong and it was already late morning and I had only the late afternoon. Made a hot coffee and ate some cheese biscuits, logged on to the Internet. Later on slept again.

4:00 pm

It was raining quite heavily with thunders and lightnings, glad that I had not rent the bike. The rain had caused Jalan Parangtritis near the road leading to the hotel where I stayed to be a little bit water-logged. Had late lunch and then off to Malioboro again to finish the excess cash in hand.

7:00 pm

Another slow shutter while on a becak

Left for hotel. Drizzling slightly. Took some photographs along the way while on the seat of the becak. Some experimenting. Nice reflections on the wet road. Nothing would be in sharp focus though. Back at the hotel room, I put aside the things that I had bought, grabbed the tripod and immediately went out for some night photographs along Jalan Parangtritis.

9:30 pm

Repacking the luggage bag then went over to Indomaret to have it weighed. 14 kilos, just nice. Back at the hotel room, switched on the notebook, wrote this blog and charging the batteries.

Jogjakarta Day 14


Sunset in Jogja

Sunset in Jogja

Monday, 8 March, 2010

Haven’t had a blink yet, just could not sleep. As usual, my time to sleep was when the sun had risen.

7:00 am


1:00 pm

Went out to buy Rp 60,000 worth of connection time for the prepaid Internet access. Enough for six hours of surfing. I set-up the notebook outside the hotel room. Each room had two chairs and a table. The weather was fine, bright and sunny, good lighting for video chat.

Indomaret at Malioboro not the one near hotel

5:00 pm

Left for Malioboro on foot. Took some silhouette photographs with the twilight sky as backdrop. Stopped at a stall for a cuppa. Started to rain, a slightly heavy drizzle. A while later when the drizzle had almost stopped, I carried on with my journey. At Malioboro, I wasted no time in getting the items that I had in mind, then to McDonald for a burger, coffee and some surfing.

9:00 pm

Left for hotel. Soon I’d be leaving for home, probably no more shopping, I began to pack the items that would go into the luggage bag that would be checked-in at the airport. Later, went to

Ornamental Lamp Post

Indomaret, it’s somewhat akin to Eleven-7  😉  , to have the luggage bag weighed. About 13 kilos, 15 kilos was my limit, 2 more kilos could be added. The rest would go into the sack as carry-in.

11:00 pm

Trying to go out tomorrow for a full day touring, on a bike if I could get one, sleep early.