Malioboro & Surroundings


This is Malioboro

Many tourists come to stay in Jogjakarta to visit Prambanan temple and Borobudur.  Malioboro is a street name in central area of Jogjakarta, next to Tugu train station and is a kind of melting pot where domestic and foreign tourists come to sample the place and do some shopping.  One of the popular items on sale here are T-shirts.  The words Jogja (short for Jogjakarta) and, or Malioboro are found in many of the artwork.  Not surprisingly, the surrounding areas are packed with tourist class and budget hotels.

Night Photography On A Moving Becak


I shot these pictures a while back in March 2010 during my visit to the city of Jogjakarta, Java, Indonesia. I was on a becak (pronounced bay-chark) on my way back to the hotel from the popular shopping area, locals and tourists alike, of Malioboro and it was raining lightly. As can be seen from the picture above, the view ahead was opened to me. I was taken with and fascinated by the reflection of the colours on the wet road surface. It struck me on how the images might look when exposed at varying shutter speeds. Without much hesitation I took the camera out and began experimenting.

Short exporsure - ¼ second

Long exposure - 1 second

Longer exposure - 4 seconds

Solo, Tawangmangu, Mount Lawu & Jogjakarta

Midway track leading to Mount Lawu summit

I had put up photographs of my recent trip to Solo, Tawangmangu, climb to the summit of Mount Lawu and Jogjakarta or Jogja in short at my flickr account. Wow, I guess I have to resize all the pics there, I’m over the limit possible for freeloader. Some of the pics might not be accessible.

They can be viewed here.

Gotta resize all the images over there when I have the time…..and also the push to do it 😉 .

Jogjakarta – Kuala Lumpur Day 16

Gate B, KL Central

Wednesday, 10 March, 2010

12:00 am

6 more hours to go, I should be checking-out and head for the airport. In looking back, the tiredness and aching after the climb to the summit of Mount Lawu, had limited my tour this time. I had not ventured up country. Maybe next time.

Transferred the photographs into the notebook. Reviewed them, later logged-on the Internet  and updated this blog. I would not be sleeping, I dared not. I did not want to miss the flight at nine in the morning.

5;00 am

Had shower. Some potato chips and hot coffee.

6:10 am

Left for the Adi Sucipto airport by taxi. Arrived at the airport about 50 minutes later, hanged around for a while at the entrance.

7:00 am

Stood in the line at the check-in counter. When done the door leading to immigration clearance had not opened yet. I looked around for a coffee shop, ordered a cuppa, sat down and logged-on the to the Internet.

8:00 am

Cleared the immigration and proceeded to the holding area. Just like Adi Sumarmo airport in Solo, Adi Sucipto is a small airport and unlike Adi Sumarmo, it is a single storey building complex. The flight was delayed about half an hour and  to kill time I did some typing.

1:05 pm Malaysia local time

Arrived at KL LCCT. Bought a bus ticket for RM 8 for a ride to KL Central which is essentially a train terminal plus station for the local rapid transit. After I bought the train ticket to Kulai on the Senandong Malam train to Singapore, I left the luggage bag at the locker and roamed around. There was quite a number of free access points here. Found a corner with power point, I sat down on the floor and in no time, got connected to the Internet.

4:00 pm

Had chicken steak at the food court. Still had not sleep since last night except some head noddings while on the bus. Found a corner behind gate A and rest.

9:30 pm

Retrieved my luggage and waited at gate B for the train.

10:20 pm

Train left for Singapore. Had dinner of what said to be Nasi Lemak (it didn’t taste like one) because it is easier to sleep with a filled stomach. Later on had a sleep that lasted just a while. The rest of the journey, I was practically alert. The air-condition was too cold for my comfort.

Jogjakarta Day 15

Tuesday, 9 March, 2010

Water-logged Jalan Parangtritis

2:00 am

Woke up. Could not get back to sleep again. Had some bread and hot coffee. Transferred the photographs into the notebook and charged the batteries. Looking around the room to see what else needed to be packed, none, except for the pants and t-shirt to be worn tomorrow and those that I’m wearing. Nothing else to do, I laid down and rest.

9:00 am

I just looked at the sandwich breakfast, not touching it. Weather was good, I hesitated to go out and look for a bike to be rented for the day. I had intended to go to Prambanan and if possible Borobudur and Parangtritis beach to shoot some photographs with better preparations. I had

Slow shutter while on a becak

been to those places late last year but the eagerness to go this time around was not strong and it was already late morning and I had only the late afternoon. Made a hot coffee and ate some cheese biscuits, logged on to the Internet. Later on slept again.

4:00 pm

It was raining quite heavily with thunders and lightnings, glad that I had not rent the bike. The rain had caused Jalan Parangtritis near the road leading to the hotel where I stayed to be a little bit water-logged. Had late lunch and then off to Malioboro again to finish the excess cash in hand.

7:00 pm

Another slow shutter while on a becak

Left for hotel. Drizzling slightly. Took some photographs along the way while on the seat of the becak. Some experimenting. Nice reflections on the wet road. Nothing would be in sharp focus though. Back at the hotel room, I put aside the things that I had bought, grabbed the tripod and immediately went out for some night photographs along Jalan Parangtritis.

9:30 pm

Repacking the luggage bag then went over to Indomaret to have it weighed. 14 kilos, just nice. Back at the hotel room, switched on the notebook, wrote this blog and charging the batteries.

Jogjakarta Day 14


Sunset in Jogja

Sunset in Jogja

Monday, 8 March, 2010

Haven’t had a blink yet, just could not sleep. As usual, my time to sleep was when the sun had risen.

7:00 am


1:00 pm

Went out to buy Rp 60,000 worth of connection time for the prepaid Internet access. Enough for six hours of surfing. I set-up the notebook outside the hotel room. Each room had two chairs and a table. The weather was fine, bright and sunny, good lighting for video chat.

Indomaret at Malioboro not the one near hotel

5:00 pm

Left for Malioboro on foot. Took some silhouette photographs with the twilight sky as backdrop. Stopped at a stall for a cuppa. Started to rain, a slightly heavy drizzle. A while later when the drizzle had almost stopped, I carried on with my journey. At Malioboro, I wasted no time in getting the items that I had in mind, then to McDonald for a burger, coffee and some surfing.

9:00 pm

Left for hotel. Soon I’d be leaving for home, probably no more shopping, I began to pack the items that would go into the luggage bag that would be checked-in at the airport. Later, went to

Ornamental Lamp Post

Indomaret, it’s somewhat akin to Eleven-7  😉  , to have the luggage bag weighed. About 13 kilos, 15 kilos was my limit, 2 more kilos could be added. The rest would go into the sack as carry-in.

11:00 pm

Trying to go out tomorrow for a full day touring, on a bike if I could get one, sleep early.

Jogjakarta Day 13


Sign At the Entrance of an Alley

Sunday, 7 March, 2010

12:00 am

Went to the Internet cafe, looking at Telkomsel site for Internet logging-on solution. The FAQ did help a little bit. Downloaded the pdf howto on setting-up for the log-in to Telkomsel Network.

3:00 am

Returned back to hotel room.

6:00 am

Bike on Seat and Lap

Armed with the knowledge gathered, set-up the notebook outside the hotel room and tried to log on to the Internet. No deal. Called the helpdesk for assistance, and was told to register again with the text GPRS followed by a space and the 16-digit ID number printed on the bigger card that came together attached with the prepaid SIM card…Again, no deal.

7:00 am

Finished half of the sandwich, slept.

12:00 pm

Bought lunch. Didn’t felt like going out, trying to solve the internet access. Later in the day, I tried to rent a bike. Not knowing that it was Sunday, the shop was closed for business on Sundays.

4:00 pm

Rest Time

Time to go to the Internet cafe again. I tried a different Internet cafe although I had one more 6-hour coupon to log-on at the previous Internet cafe. I wanted to download Huawei connection software client for the 3G modem that I had. The Vodafone Connect Lite program that came with the modem just froze and proceed no further. I assumed it was because my prepaid card service provider was not it’s partner in Indonesia. Lucky for me, I found the solution.

6:00 pm

Back at the hotel room. I removed the Vodafone Connect Lite software from the modem and replaced it with Huawei Mobile Partner. The logging-on was successful on first attempt straightaway with the default dialing code and settings. After choosing the type of package on the Telkomsel site, I was able to surf.

10:00 pm

I finished the whole 3-hour log-on time in just one session. Went out to buy dinner and after that laid down and rest.

Jogjakarta Day 12

What’s That On My Nose

Saturday, 6 March, 2010

12:00 am

Awoke. I realised that I had not tried logging-on the Internet using the prepaid card. I set up the notebook outside the room for the cool tropical night air. Unsuccessful, I decided to write-up yesterday’s events.

6:30 am

Rest time.

12:00 pm

Artist Retouching A Wall Poster

Went out to buy lunch. Preparing to go Malioboro again on foot, this time a little bit earlier.

3:00 pm

Set out for Malioboro via Jalan Bridjen Katamso and turned left to North Alun-Alun, shooting photographs along the way. From Alun-Alun I then headed north to Jalan Malioboro. Bought a luggage bag, had coffee, a few more t-shirts and went right to the north end of Jalan Malioboro.

Immediately right after the sun had set, started shooting and slowly moved along down south. Had a burger and coffee at McDonald. When done, sat by the roadside listening to the music of the busker group.

Roadside Mechanic

9:20 pm

Left for hotel.

11:00 pm

Out to buy dinner.

Jogjakarta Day 11

The Small Garden Fronting My Hotel Room

Friday, 5 March, 2010

2:00 am

Done with online, went back to hotel and bought dinner along the way. Back at the hotel boiled water to make coffee and enjoyed my dinner with it. Rearranged all the things that I had bought neatly on the bed.

5:00 am

Time to rest.

11:00 pm

Batik Wisnu Shop

Done with breakfast. Washed clothes and hanged it in front of my room. No more washing, enough clean clothes to last till the flight home. Once finished, sat outside the room listening to the muezzins calling for prayer, one after another, overlapping. It was Friday, so those calls were for the weekly congregation on Friday noon prayer with sermons.

2:00 pm

Went out to buy lunch. Had the intention of walking to Malioboro in late afternoon, taking photographs along the way. Rest.

Satay Sellers Just Before Malioboro

5:00 pm

Intention postponed.

6:30 pm

On my way to Malioboro. Went by the road next to Alun-Alun. On reaching the North of Alun-Alun I saw a batik shop called Batik Wisnu. It seemed to be quite busy with quite a handful of customers. On passing by I looked through the glass windows, the prices seemed very reasonable. I went in to have a look. By just looking, I ended up with one batik t-shirt, two batik shirts and one batik long dress.

Busker Group

Malioboro is just north of Alun-Alun. I was late, it was almost time for shops to close for the day. I walked along to see if I could find shops selling luggage bag. Saw one and I just checked on the prices. Went further up and saw a busker group of musicians playing local songs and sometimes western. They were very good indeed, they did stopped a few passers-by including myself, though this was the second time I saw them.

After having a sandwich at McDonald, I sat and listen to their music again, this time on the opposite side of the road.

9:00 pm

Left Malioboro to get back to the hotel. Had a cuppa and laid down to rest.

Jogjakarta Day 10


Thursday, 4 March, 2010

3:00 am

Left the Internet cafe for the hotel room. Pre-packing the things that I had bought. It seemed that I was in need of a small luggage bag. During my planning for this trip, I had decided to buy the luggage bag here in Indonesia. I was about to buy it back in Solo then, but decided against it. Now that the date for the flight home was near, I had to get one.

5:00 am

The sun was about to rise. Slept.

12:00 pm

Had shower. The sandwich and tea had been on the table outside the room for quite a while and the tea was not even lukewarm. Done with them anyway. Gathered the clothes that needed washing in a plastic bag and off to look for a laundrette. Found one but they provide laundry services and no self-service. Look for another and found one similar. I decided to wash it myself, returned back to the hotel room.

2:00 pm

Road Side Fruits Seller

Went out for lunch and strolled along Jalan Parangtritis capturing its views and the means of transport here in Jogja. Heading north, crossing the junction, I had reached a shopping centre where they sell computers. Roamed a while in there. There were also shops selling handphones and cameras. I enquired about the standalone wireless Internet broadband service and that put my understanding of it in order. I had always enquired about standalone prepaid wireless broadband service. I now knew that the service was with the prepaid mobile phone service. I had never accessed the Internet using the mobile phone. Never like it, not even emails. Now that the access period, the bandwidth (total download), the speed and the need to register are known, it had become clearer. Would try it later.

5:00 pm

Jogja Computer Market

Decided I had enough, headed back to the hotel. Bought water heater and instant coffee along the way.

7:00 pm

Went out and bought two small packets of washing powder and then to the Internet cafe, gotta use up and finish all the coupons that I had in hand.

Almost 11:00 pm now, I am still writing, blogging and some surfing.