Tabung Pembangunan Masjid & Amal Jariah Johor


Tabung ini telah dirasmikan pada tahun 2010 oleh Menteri Besar Johor ketika itu YAB Datok Haji Abdul Ghani Othman.  Sudah agak lama, akan  tetapi maklumat yang penting berkaitan tabung ini amat sukar mendapatkannya atas talian.  Yang saya mahukan ialah nombor akaun bank untuk saya menyalurkan matawang yang saya mahu salurkan.  Tiada saya menjumpainya.  Mungkin juga di Facebook, tetapi maaf, tidak pula saya menggunakannya jika diperlukan loggin-in.  Sebenarnya saya ada menyimpan nombor akaunnya di komputer peribadi saya, tapi entah di mana.  Saya ambil jalan mudah, cari atas talian.  Rupa-rupanya ia tidak mudah dan senang.  Akibatnya mahu tidak mahu terpaksalah saya cari nombor akaun itu di komputer peribadi saya.

Alhamdulillah telah pun saya mendapatinya.  Di sini, ingin saya catatkan nombor akaun Tabung Pembangunan Masjid Dan Amal Jariah Johor bagi diri saya sendiri dan sesiapa yang ingin mengetahuinya.

Bank: Maybank

Nama: Tabung Pemb Masjid

Nombor Akaun: 551016202271

Sangat-sangatlah diharapkan agar pihak yang bertanggung jawab atas urusan tabung ini memastikan yang nombor akaun tabung ini mudah diperolehi atas talian kerana nombor talipon tidak boleh digunakan ketika luar waktu pejabat.  Ribuan terima kasih diucapkan.

Update: 22 Feb 2017

Entah kenapa ketika mencari dahulu tidak didapati, akan tetapi sekarang sudah boleh dengan senangnya.  Klik di sini untuk ke laman sesawang Tabung Pembagunan Masjid dan Amal Jariah Negeri Johor.

Hadith: Inilah antara keratan hadith-hadith yang saya ingat buat peringatan diri;

  1. Ikhlaskan Ugamamu nescaya yang sedikit memadai bagi kamu.
  2. Hasad memakan amalan seperti api memakan kayu yang kering.


Birds at Sungai Rambah


When they say you need patience in birds photography, I did not know that it could run for a few days in a row.  I only knew it when I started to present myself at the same spot over and over again for a few days straight.  As I did not use hide nor did I wear camo painted military-like apparel, I must have stuck out like a sore thumb.  They kept their distance away from me and the kingfisher totally out of sight.  Only when I’m starting to become a familiar sight that they started to move nearer and appear.  Lesson learned and I’m starting to enjoy and appreciate the rewards.

Here are a few photos from the recent successive trips to Sungai Rambah at Pontian, Johor.

The river mouth

The river mouth and the mudflat at low tide


The mangroves at the river bank


Great Egret


Striated Heron


Lesser Adjutant


Grey Heron


There are three species here


Great and Little Egrets


This one just beginning to show itself and far away

Plain Sunbird

Sunbird feasting on the nectar of the coconut flowers


White-bellied Sea Eagle


Brahminy Kite

There are a few others.

Independence Day Drive

Patriotic display

Patriotic display of Malaysia and the State of Johor flags

31st August is Malaysia independence day and it was last Monday. On late afternoon that day, I decided to go for a drive to Pontian to shoot sunset and some wildlife if possible plus whatever that grabs my attention.  I am trying to familiarise myself looking at the trees to find interesting image for the camera sensor if the forest is not.  A practice session in scrutinising a bland landscape for an exceptional image.

Pontian is the southernmost region of mainland Asia but the honour for the southernmost place belongs to Tanjung Piai (Cape Piai) and it is gazetted as one of the places to go for a tour in Johor.  Not far away across the Tebrau Straits lies Singapore, linked to Peninsula Malaysia by a causeway and a bridge. A quick check on the weather, it was forecasted to be 15% cloudy, but then I forgot to check on one other thing, that is the tide.  Last I saw there were a group of otters swimming upstream into the river when the tide was getting low but on this trip when I reached Sungai Rambah, the tide had totally ebbed and the birds were very few and far away.  That left me with just the landscape and the sunset.  Anyway, I did stop by the pineapple field on the way to the small town of Ayer Baloi and at Sungai Ayer Baloi for some snaps though.

Note:   In this region, you are never short of clouds.  The problem is, there are too many of it. If it is not above, then on the horizon.  Also on a glance, the sky may look clear but there’s probably a thin layer of it.  As a result, it is hard to get dark blue sky even if you use a polarizing filter.  I easily get very dark blue sky in Mecca without using any polarizing filter on a wide-angle lens. (After watching Walter Lewin’s last lecture For the Love of Physics, I guess the particles in the atmosphere here are moist as compared to Arabia causing less blue light reflection.)

Street Photography: Johor Bahru

Here are some photos taken along the busy Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.  There are a few budget hotels here and cook food are within easy reach.  For fast food just head for Johor Bahru City Square, that’s the mall on the right side of the pic of the woman in black and the top pic on the right column.

A Modern Day Kampung By The Water – Kampung Pendas Baru

In my early childhood, I lived in a wooden stilt house on a river bank of a branch of Kallang River, Singapore. It was attached to my maternal grandparents house. There was a bridge behind our house that linked our house to our grandparents house. It was here that we clean ourselves. Then there was another that stretched out into the river and at the end of it there was a hut where we disposed off our organic waste.   I remember very well the sound made when it hit the water or mud, it seemed to reverberate vividly in the closed compartment.  Those were the days.

I was delighted when I saw a new kampung by the water at Tanjung Kupang, on the southwestern end of Johor, Malaysia. A modern kampung of stilt houses built of bricks. Yeah, sadly with the dwindling forest, woods had became scarce and expensive. Besides, wood is combustible, easily incinerated and thus reduced to ash, so it’s for the better.

It is a modern kampung because other than brick houses on stilts there are no more hut for organic waste removal to be seen. Classic and yet modern. The folks were relocated here from their old domicile of Kampung Pendas not far away. I waited for the day when the tide is high to go there for photo outing. It was last Wednesday and here are the images.

The Lone Cormorant Is Not Alone Anymore

Heron In Flight

I’m kinda like  Lido Beach because of the birds there. The Herons and Egrets were few compared to the ubiquitous sparrows, crows, pigeons and the very proliferating birds that were the Mynas. Occasionally I did saw a White-bellied Sea Eagle flying high and once missed seeing a Red-backed Sea Eagle (Brahminy Kite) diving. I only got to see it getting airborne and flew away eating its catch in flight. A missed opportunity. I must say seeing an eagle catching its prey just beneath the surface of the water is a sight to behold. The positioning for blind spot, the swooping dive, the timing (wings stretching far behind  and talons forward) and finally the catch and the flight, precision.

Missed Opportunity

The birds that followed the ferry while I was on my trip from Penyalai to Tanjung Batu in Riau Indonesia were also found at Lido Beach. I had yet to know its name. So after some searching I found out that the species were known as Tern. There were two types of terns that followed the ferry, the Black-nape Tern and the Little Tern. The one I saw at Lido Beach was the Little Tern.

Little Tern

Just recently, I was passing by Lido Beach at Johor Bahru and as usual I gave a quick glance to see if there were Herons nearby. What I saw really surprised me. The lone duck cormorant that I had seen alone all those while was no longer alone. Now it had company, not one but two. It’s a crowd……well at least.

Not alone anymore

Kuala Lumpur – Kulaijaya, Johor Day 17


Thursday, 11 March, 2010

12:00 am

Could not sleep all the while. At times I stood at the coach door to  have a smoke. Met an English guy who came up to have a smoke too. He was heading to Singapore to catch a flight home back in England on Thursday night. He had spent two months in Thailand and a month in Malaysia. I could sense some dismay in him at the thought of going back to normal life. He said there was still snow. Yeah, the weather seems to be ABnormal nowadays. From what I knew, it seldoms snow in London, I had been there once in December.

5:35 am

Train arrived at Kulaijaya (old name was Kulai) station as scheduled. No taxi, so I just hanged around, logged on the net.

7:00 am

Left train station to have breakfast of Roti Canai or in Singapore they called it Roti Prata. It is a kind of pancake made of wheat flour. It is cooked plain or with an egg or onion or both. You eat it with curry (fish or meat) or Dalcha. In Malaysia there is another gravy called the Sambal Tumis. You cut it into small pieces and dip it in the curry or have the curry poured over it entirely, sort like soaking it. It’s a preference to one’s desire. After the breakfast, I walked to Kulai bus terminal and took a taxi home.

8:35 am

Arrived safely back home.

This trip was made possible by the cheap flight that I had to book two months in advance by AirAsia. My intention for this trip was to shoot some photographs that include some scene from up country and if possible get to the summit of Mount Lawu. On summary, I’m glad that I had made it to the summit, some photographs in Solo and lots in Jogjakarta.

As for the up country…well, there’s always be another time.

Will update the trip blog with some pics later.