Kuala Lumpur – Kulaijaya, Johor Day 17


Thursday, 11 March, 2010

12:00 am

Could not sleep all the while. At times I stood at the coach door to  have a smoke. Met an English guy who came up to have a smoke too. He was heading to Singapore to catch a flight home back in England on Thursday night. He had spent two months in Thailand and a month in Malaysia. I could sense some dismay in him at the thought of going back to normal life. He said there was still snow. Yeah, the weather seems to be ABnormal nowadays. From what I knew, it seldoms snow in London, I had been there once in December.

5:35 am

Train arrived at Kulaijaya (old name was Kulai) station as scheduled. No taxi, so I just hanged around, logged on the net.

7:00 am

Left train station to have breakfast of Roti Canai or in Singapore they called it Roti Prata. It is a kind of pancake made of wheat flour. It is cooked plain or with an egg or onion or both. You eat it with curry (fish or meat) or Dalcha. In Malaysia there is another gravy called the Sambal Tumis. You cut it into small pieces and dip it in the curry or have the curry poured over it entirely, sort like soaking it. It’s a preference to one’s desire. After the breakfast, I walked to Kulai bus terminal and took a taxi home.

8:35 am

Arrived safely back home.

This trip was made possible by the cheap flight that I had to book two months in advance by AirAsia. My intention for this trip was to shoot some photographs that include some scene from up country and if possible get to the summit of Mount Lawu. On summary, I’m glad that I had made it to the summit, some photographs in Solo and lots in Jogjakarta.

As for the up country…well, there’s always be another time.

Will update the trip blog with some pics later.

Jogjakarta – Kuala Lumpur Day 16

Gate B, KL Central

Wednesday, 10 March, 2010

12:00 am

6 more hours to go, I should be checking-out and head for the airport. In looking back, the tiredness and aching after the climb to the summit of Mount Lawu, had limited my tour this time. I had not ventured up country. Maybe next time.

Transferred the photographs into the notebook. Reviewed them, later logged-on the Internet  and updated this blog. I would not be sleeping, I dared not. I did not want to miss the flight at nine in the morning.

5;00 am

Had shower. Some potato chips and hot coffee.

6:10 am

Left for the Adi Sucipto airport by taxi. Arrived at the airport about 50 minutes later, hanged around for a while at the entrance.

7:00 am

Stood in the line at the check-in counter. When done the door leading to immigration clearance had not opened yet. I looked around for a coffee shop, ordered a cuppa, sat down and logged-on the to the Internet.

8:00 am

Cleared the immigration and proceeded to the holding area. Just like Adi Sumarmo airport in Solo, Adi Sucipto is a small airport and unlike Adi Sumarmo, it is a single storey building complex. The flight was delayed about half an hour and  to kill time I did some typing.

1:05 pm Malaysia local time

Arrived at KL LCCT. Bought a bus ticket for RM 8 for a ride to KL Central which is essentially a train terminal plus station for the local rapid transit. After I bought the train ticket to Kulai on the Senandong Malam train to Singapore, I left the luggage bag at the locker and roamed around. There was quite a number of free access points here. Found a corner with power point, I sat down on the floor and in no time, got connected to the Internet.

4:00 pm

Had chicken steak at the food court. Still had not sleep since last night except some head noddings while on the bus. Found a corner behind gate A and rest.

9:30 pm

Retrieved my luggage and waited at gate B for the train.

10:20 pm

Train left for Singapore. Had dinner of what said to be Nasi Lemak (it didn’t taste like one) because it is easier to sleep with a filled stomach. Later on had a sleep that lasted just a while. The rest of the journey, I was practically alert. The air-condition was too cold for my comfort.