DIY: Making Tool To Unlink Bicycle Chain Connector Easily


I had a hard time to unlink the new bicycle chain.  It was tight. I needed a tool to unlink it effortlessly. It happened that I had a broken tip long nose pliers bought at a RM 2.00 shop, it was just the right material for it.  Since it was a cheap pliers, the metal is soft making it easy to file it to the desired shape which I did with just a small round and a triangle files.  Once done and tested to work great, it was heated with butane torch then dipped into used engine oil to blacken and hardened it and later on tempering in the oven for an hour.

Since I'm at it, also did blackening & hardening of this still in good shape plier

Since I’m at it, also did blackening, hardening & tempering of this still in good shape pliers