Rebuilding CB23 Engine…again

The engine bay of the Daihatsu G200 cleaned out. Apparently not all of the oil is drained out

Actually I am not rebuilding this time but to replace the engine with the one I bought a week ago. I was told by the seller that the engine is in good condition and I just need to plug and play. The problem with the old engine was that I could not get one of the replacement parts, the oversize sleeve bearing for the balance shaft. Since I need transport, I assembled it back. When the engine gets hot, the oil pressure indicator lighted. It was OK for short travel distances of not more than half hour. The day I dragged the car for a long distance travel, the engine just died, luckily I was almost home.

The old engine and its replacement on the right

Well since the engine is down and out, I might as well clean it and transfer the water and oil pumps (which I bought new) from the old engine to the replacement engine. Also this time around I shall be tearing the transmission apart, clean it and replace the oil seals. After years of hard work, the oil seals are hard like wood. The problem with CB23 transmission is that to change the oil seals, everything have to be removed before you have access to the oil seals. Might as well clean it and remove the metal dust collected by the magnet.

Can't do without it, my crude trolley and winch. See the harddisk plates that are used as guide

There was quite a few interest in the CB23 engine, I might, if I am not lazy to lift my butt and clean the hands, show some pictures of the engine innards here.