Tawangmangu Day 4

Friday, 26 February, 2010

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Birthday.

My Room at Hotel Garuda

10:00 am

Packing up. Finished the half remaining bar of rice chocolate and had a glass of hot coffee. Checked-out and checked-in at Pondok Garuda near the town. This hotel had passed its prime, quite dilapidated. For Rp 60k with breakfast and hot water, it was a bargain, at least for me though.

Nothing much to do and was still tired. The hotel with wifi hotspot was too expensive for me. I didn’t feel like going to the Internet cafe. Had lunch and rest.

6:30 pm

Went out to buy instant coffee and shampoo. Dinner was Ayam Penyet after which  I headed back to the hotel.

Tawangmangu is a small town. At eight in the evening, life is almost at a stand still except for few eateries stalls by the roadsides and restaurants. You can have western foods at some of those restaurants. I am about to have coffee and the night rest.

Road leading to Tawangmangu from Mount Lawu

Tawangmangu Town Centre as seen from hotel