Images of Moro, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia

Here are some of the pictures shot while I was visiting Moro, Riau Archipelago Province, Indonesia.

Harbour Front Ferry Terminal, Singapore

The Town of Tanjung Balai in Karimun

Pier in Tanjung Balai for the fast boat to Moro

Pier in Moro

The town of Moro. The white building is purpose built for swiflets to dwell so that they can harvest the nest

Brahminy Kite or Red-backed Sea Eagle


There are many of them

Shipping, I don't know the destination

This one I know

Exporting fish to Singapore

Houses behind the town street

Road leading away from Moro town

Stilt houses next to sea

Houses on neighbouring island

Low tide

Small fishing boats

A finished sampan ready for coating



One of the few penginapans or inns

View of Moro town from the sea

Ferry schedule