Done With The Cylinder Block

Daihatsu CB23 Engine Cylinder Block

I had finished overhauling the CB23 Cylinder Block. The crankshaft replaced because the number one journal was totally beyond repair. Also replaced were the journal bearings, pistons and its associated pins and rings.

Actually I had dismantled the engine  early last year. I wanted to check on its condition and to replace whatever if there was a need to. In the end, I just replaced the timing belt, water pump and did some cleaning. I noticed that the gear (not metal) attached to the balance shaft and sump pump had been replaced with scrap item. It had that distinctive traditional red marking that is common in Singapore and Malaysia scrap yards. The engine seemed good, I could travel long distances without any problem. Then, about five months later, the engine just died with a burning smell. On inspection, I found that there was no engine oil coming to the engine head block.

Again I dismantled the engine. What I saw was quite surprising, the gear attached to the balance shaft and driving the sump pump had turned coal-black. All the teeth gone. I contemplated about replacing the cylinder block. Since I need transport to go looking for one and to bring it back, I blew compressed air on any hole I could find, replaced the gear and reassemble the engine. The engine did not sound good. There was constant knocking sounds coming from the inside of the engine but the car was still driveable. And once my tolerance limit breached, I put the car aside.

Maybe I am behind time. The cost of the Daihatsu CB23 engine not including gearbox nowadays is more than RM1000. No go, so plan B. Like it or not, I have to repair it and the repair work is now done. Later tonight  I shall be putting the cylinder block back to where it belongs.