Jogjakarta Day 8

Jalan Parangtritis near Prawirotaman

Tuesday, 2 February, 2010

12:30 am

Extended the stay at Pulung Hotel. Went to Internet cafe to finish the remaining hours. I had too eagerly bought five coupons.

Walked out of the cafe at almost four in the morning. Life for the day had started to pick up. On my way back, the market nearby had many people probably resellers packing up their goods. They are the early starters for the day-to-day businesses.

Back at the hotel room, time to sleep now.

2:30 pm

Had lunch at the corner Warteg nearby. Then another two hours of Internet and back to hotel. I was still tired. I had not ventured out yet, probably I had been here quite a number of times before. After sunset, had another few hours online.

11:00 pm

Needs to rest early tonight because tomorrow I shall be going back to Solo.