Terengganu Bike Week 2012

The Event Stage

Last Friday I travelled for eight hours to Kuala Terengganu to buy an used engine for my old car. The appointment to meet the seller was on late Saturday afternoon. I was free in the morning and decided to drive along Batu Burok beach for photo outing.

Batu Burok Beach food vendors

There was a road block and I could not enter the beach road. I did not know that there was an event of the gathering of one thousand big capacity motorcycles from all over Malaysia (not sure about Sabah and Sarawak) including guests from Singapore and Thailand. It was Terengganu Bike Week 2012. So I parked the vehicle at a nearby food centre and walked in.

The main gathering point

The gathering was held at a small beachside amphitheatre. It was still early and not all the participants had arrived. I did not move around, I just sat at one location observing and recording the happenings. Amongst all the riders two were definitely ladies. One riding a Harley Davidson and the other I think was sport motocross. I cannot vouch if there were others as it was not easy to tell some of them apart with their helmets on. I was wrong a few times.

Honda's Gold Wings

Harley Davidson

The minimalist and the sports

Choppers of other makes

Man looking at the Harley of a lady rider

This one admiring the street sports while in the background musicians rehearsing for the night show

My kind of bike. You don't hear it coming, you just see it leaving and smell its smoke

The Marshals

The Gang

The girls distributing drinks for one of the sponsors

Veteran rider

Official videographer at work

When it was time, the bikers moved in a convoy like manner to Tasik Kenyir (Kenyir Lake) and back to the beach making side trips to an old folks home, Jom Heboh Carnival (held by Malaysia TV3 station at Gong Batu Badak if I am not mistaken) and the Islamic Civilisation Garden along the way. While they were gone, I sat and watched the musicians rehearsing for the night’s dinner show.

Getting ready for the journey

I left the beach at noon. Along the way I missed the opportunity to photograph a very veteran biker with an equally very veteran bike. I think it was a BSA from the glimpse that I had of the writing on the fuel tank. In the fifties and early sixties, there were not many brands in the region. The Japanese makes and Ducatis was considered new at that time. There were the Nortons, Triumphs, BSAs and very few AJSs. There was a pun on the acronym of the AJS motorcycle in Malay. It stood for Asal Jalan Sudah, meaning as long as it moves it’s okay.

Note: Panorama photos stitched by Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor) 64 bit.