Tanjung Tuan Revisited

Entrance to Tanjung Tuan forest reserved

Entrance to Tanjung Tuan forest reserved

Once again I went to Tanjung Tuan to capture that elusive shot that I longed for, a bird in flight frozen sharply at the right moment with good composition and pose.  Also at Tanjung Tuan I had the opportunity  to shoot the birds in flight from above instead of at ground level.

I was early this time and I was hoping to see them coming in droves but then one other problem cropped up.  Depending on the wind direction, the raptors would not definitely came to land spot on at Tanjung Tuan.  It would at times be further up north or down south but since they came in many batches in between intervals some would most probably came to land at Tanjung Tuan.  Patience was a  prerequisite factor and all that I had to do was wait.

Naxy, one of the Malaysian Nature Society volunteers

Naxy, one of the Malaysian Nature Society volunteers, looking over the horizon for raptors approaching land

Meanwhile there were many swifts flying around at the top of the hill and at times just at an arm’s length away.  These seemingly fickle-minded small birds were hard to shoot and they did not perch instead they fly non stop from and back to its nests.  It was almost impossible to lock on focus.  Small, fast flying, dark (except for the white underbelly) and turning any which way in flight was a challenge to shoot, no pun intended.  With the 24-105mm lens set at its maximum focal point, I set the focus point to about one and half metre and blasted away at those birds that were swooping by, again no pun intended.  Going by the large number of shots, I should get a handful that should be good, and I did.  That and a batch of raptors that did came right on to Tanjung Tuan made my day even though the elusive shot was yet to be gotten.


raptor 2

raptor 1