It is said to be Abode of The Gods, Dieng is in Central Java, Indonesia. A piece of land 2093 metres above the sea level, in a word, it is a plateau. Actually it is a caldera, home to a few volcanic craters and lakes. Being high up in the sky and practically you can see the clouds below, it is cold. Cold enough that for the months of July and August, there can be morning frost that makes the local farmers worried as it has detrimental effect on their crops.

Recently I spent 3 days and 2 nights in Dieng observing its culture and spent some times photographing its landscapes and activities. There are so many interesting sites in Dieng, besides craters and lakes there are also ancient temples and caves. I did not cover them all, I was just scratching the surface. You need more time if you want to record all of it in pixels.

There are a few factors to consider in landscape photography and two of them are timing and patience. This recent trip, I did not had the luxury of timing nor do I had the patience to stay a long while. So, I took it as it was presented when I arrived at the site, or, when I saw an opportunity. Opportunity such as back lighting on farmers as they till the land or harvesting the fruits of their labour. Hopefully next time, if ever, I’m at least better informed and more aware, know what to do and what to expect, so as to maximise the time spent and be much more at ease when I’m there again mingling with the gods.