Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

I was on my way to Singapore and decided to drop by Lido beach at Johor Bahru. My intention was to see if I could get good shots at the Herons and Egrets there since the lighting was good. It was high tide and so no Egrets wading to see. As for the Herons, I had never seen it wading. All the while they stood still on the floats put up by the road works contractor. I wondered how they feed themselves. A few moments of observing them I got to see it. The fish came in schools and all the herons needed to do was stand still on the float and when the fish swam under, they just picked it. There was also a lone duck cormorant. For whatever reason it was left stranded, it had made the Lido beach its hunting ground and made it clear to stay well away from the beach.

Later in late afternoon I decided to walk to Johor Bahru city centre, snapping away at some of its buildings. The sky soon turned overcast but I did stayed till twilight to get that blueness in the sky. When the sky was really dark, I set off for Bangunan Sultan Iskandar where the Immigration and Customs checkpoint to and from Singapore was situated.

Here are the pics:

Upgraded Roads

Lone Cormorant

A school of fish

Easy picking

Easy shot

Johor Bahru High Court

Johor Bahru City Council

Bus and taxi stop opposite the Post Office

Milestone…eh, KMstone…eh, Klikstone…hmmmm

Old shophouses

It was once a canal, covered and turned into a garden walkway

Budget hotels at Jalan Wong Ah Fook

City Square Tower

Promotional show at City Square atrium. Many from Singapore come here too

Jalan Wong Ah Fook, the heart of JB. Part of City Square building is seen on the left

Bangunan JB Sentral opposite City Square which housed the new JB Railway Station and linkway to Immigration checkpoint to and from Singapore

Train ticket counter at Bangunan JB Sentral


(Update to Update 20/07/2015:  The Hentian Bus Sentral Kotaraya has ceased to exist.  The place is now under development.)

Additional information and pictures for travellers. The Hentian Bus Sentral Kotaraya despite its name it is a bus and taxi terminal and situated at Jalan Trus which runs parallel to Jalan Wong Ah Fook. The taxis and buses here are for cross border services to Singapore. Bus service number 950 ends at Woodlands MRT Station, Singapore, while bus service number 160 and taxi end at Kranji MRT Station and Queen Street Bus Teminal respectively (update 22/12/2014: Bus services has been discontinued). A walking distance to the budget and premium hotels, and to the immigration checkpoint at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar which is just next (behind) to the JB Sentral building. There is also shuttle bus service to Senai Airport and as for buses to other states in Peninsular Malaysia, you have to go to Larkin Bus Terminal. If you are coming from Singapore by bus and intend to go to City Square, just walk after you cleared the immigration and customs clearance. Follow the crowd, there’s a Malaysia Tourism Office (open during office hours), turn left, walk along the corridor and walkway that lead to JB Sentral building. At the other side of the JB Sentral building (front), there is an overhead bridge connecting JB Sentral and City Square (see picture below).

Hentian Bus Sentral Kotaraya

Daytime view of JB Sentral building which also housed the Johor Bahru Railway Station. City Square (not seen) is on the left of the pic

The old Johor Bahru Railway Station just next (south end) of the new JB Sentral building