Jogjakarta – Solo – Jogjakarta Day 9

Pasar Legi, Surakarta (Solo)

Wednesday, 3 March, 2010

9:00 am

Breakfast was lemon marmalade sandwich. Left the hotel for Tugu station on a becak. I was taking advantage of the shuttle train services between Jogja and Solo called the Pramek. I came to know this when going to Jogja from Solo. It is just about an hour trip. I decided to make a day trip back to Solo and to take some photographs that I didn’t took the chances then. These services make for a nice day trip either way.

11:45 am

The Becak Other Role

Arrived at Solo Balapan. Not taking a becak, I walked to Pasar Legi. Bought some Pecel peanut sauce, I forgot this one 😉 . Then, a becak ride to Alun-Alun. Had lunch at a Padang food stall. Took some photographs of the crafts shops nearby and then headed for Pasar Klewer.

Pasar Klewer is well-known for batik. Anything that is batik. There’s the original batik sarong, then batik dresses, shirts, t-shirts and now a plethora of new ideas. I bought a batik printed notebook bag here previously. This time I just walked around leisurely and bought a few t-shirts of different designs than previously bought.

It looked like it was going to rain, I then took a becak ride back to Solo Balapan Station.

4:00 pm

Arts and Crafts Shop next to Alun-Alun

Back in Jogja. Bought a burger at the station, it tasted nice the last time. Walked along Jalan Malioboro.

5:30 pm

Back at the hotel. Asked at the counter for hot coffee. Savoured the burger, coffee and killing the time idling.

7:30 pm

Online. Writing and updating this blog.

10:10 pm

Exhausted my second 6-hour coupon. As of now I am on my third coupon and had reached this point. Till next time.

Solo – Jogjakarta Day 7

Chairs and Table outside the room at Hotel Pulung

Monday, 1 March, 2010

8:00 am

Had breakfast and put out my still haven’t dry washings out in the sun. Just sitting for an hour and when the washings had dried, packed it and had a shower.

11:00 am

Had a good look around the hotel room making sure nothing’s left behind, locked the room and checked-out. Took a becak ride to Balapan Train Station. About time, train was about to leave for Jogjakarta in a few minutes.

1:00 pm

Arrived at Jogja Tugu Station. Ride took about a little more than an hour. Bought a burger to be eaten later. Had a 15 minutes massage by a massaging chair at the station for Rp 10,000. Hanged around a while waiting for the train that blocked the path to the other side entrance/exit of the station to continue on it’s journey. Once I was out of the station, went straight to one of the food shops for lunch. Went to check the hotel with hotspot at the south end of the station. Price not right for me, so I took a becak ride to Prawirotaman. Pay Rp 60,000 for a room at Hotel Pulung with no attached bathroom. Rest.

4:00 pm

Walked around the neighbourhood to check on better deal. None can be found. Return back to hotel room. Idling around.

7:00 pm

Finished the burger bought earlier. Went out to Internet cafe. I ended up using my notebook and bought a coupon for Rp 10,000 that will last for 6 hours. After about two hours, I returned back to my hotel room.Too bad the wifi signals from the Internet cafe cannot be received back at the hotel room, since it was nearby, otherwise I wouldn’t have to go over to the cafe, could just log-in from the hotel room.