DIY Camera Bag From Old Bags

Old bags

Old bags

I have a camera bag that I think is too big for traveling because I’m a backpacker.  I want a bag small enough to fit in my backpack so that I just have to toil just one bag when I’m on the journey to and return from the destination (ok maybe on the return leg there will be two bags, haha).  When I’m boarding a plane or when I’m at the destination, I will just carry the ‘new’ bag.  The bigger backpack will be checked-in luggage or left behind at the hotel when I go out for sight-seeing.  Also I want to allay myself and give the impression than I’m not carrying a bagful of photographic gears.

So begin the project.  Two old bags, one a small camera bag and the other a small haversack plus a sleeve for notebook retained from a discarded backpack are the main materials. First I glue the notebook sleeve onto the inside back of the haversack.  After that the bottom of the sack is padded with material from a camping mat. Next, unnecessary parts of the camera bag are stripped-off and the bag is then glued to the bottom of the sack and to the notebook sleeve.  That’s it, the project is as good as done.

Sleeve for notebook

Sleeve for notebook

Padding the base

Padding the base

Unnecessary parts stripped

Unnecessary parts stripped

After loading and testing, I decide to make a padded lid to cover the old camera bag to act as a separator since the long lens of the Sigma 150-500mm will be placed above it.

Load test

Lid/separator added

padded lid/separator added

All aboard

All aboard

Finally a bag within a bag with room to  spare.

Plenty of room

So for my next adventure, I’m all geared-up for landscape, birds and for this time especially, butterflies photography.

KL Low Cost Carrier Terminal

Tuesday, 23 February, 2010

It’s quite busy. Lots of flights. It seems to go into sleep mode at between 2:00 am to 3:00 am, then suddenly springs into life. Obviously because of the prior two hours check-in time before departure. Many shops with wifi hot spots. Unfortunately the terminal wifi hot spot is quite slow, probably too many accesses at the time I am logged-in.

The dropping-off and pick-up areas formed a semi-circle. To the left end is the International Arrival while at the other end is the Domestic Arrival and between them are the International and Domestic Departures.

In about 30 minutes time, I will be checking-in for my flight to Solo, Indonesia. Flight time about 2 and a half hours.

Till in Solo then.

International Arrival Exit

International & Domestic Departure Entrances

On My Way to Central Java

Well, they say new broom sweeps clean. These few days, I have been very active in updating this blog. Now on my way to Solo, Indonesia.

I left the house at 6.30 pm and reached Johor Senai Airport at about 8.00 pm. Had nasi lemak at Marry Brown. The counter to KL had not opened yet so I waited a while. Later with the boarding pass in hand, went straight in and loitered around in the departure hall. Found a corner with power point, fired up the comp and start surfing while waiting for boarding.

There was about 35 minutes delay. At 11.05 pm the flight left Senai and arrived at KL LCC terminal 45 minutes later. Nice to see that the terminal is bustling with people, some leaving and some staying and hanging around. A look at the departure board I found out that there were lots of international flights departing in the morning starting at around 5.00 am. I guess they were all like me waiting for the morning flight.

Will post some pics later.

Update: Ok here is a pic of Senai Airport departure hall.

Senai Airport Departure Hall at 10:30 pm