Making Weather Resistance Outdoor BiQuad

Outdoor Biquad

This is a new biquad to replace the old one that have had a good wallop by the weather. The microwave resistance food container that I encased it with, is not weather resistance. Only left the biquad and the reflector plus some length of kite string somehow got entangled around it.

I have a 14cm frying pan that had its handle burnt at the bracket. I make use of the pan as a reflector and as a shallow waveguide. The biquad antenna itself is constructed from a transformer wire salvaged from a dead switching power supply. Since the old setup had a BNC connection, the new biquad still maintain the BNC connection, although now if I am building a totally new setup, I would prefer TNC. BNC is not up to par but it is almost there and cheaper.

Here is the construction in pictures.

A slightly smaller hole drilled and the BNC panel connector tightly attached for good mechanical and electrical contact

A look behind

A 10mm copper tube cut, shaped and sliced, then wrapped around the thread. A piece of wire wound around and twisted making sure for a good mechanical and electrical connections. Lastly solder applied using portable gas torch to fill in every nook and cranny

Biquad with sides approximately 30.5mm constructed

Biquad was then soldered to the BNC panel connector and copper tube assembly. A 15mm strip of hard paper placed beneath to give the desired distance between antenna and reflector. Not a neat soldering because the iron was not hot enough. Finally paint applied all over

Jogjakarta Day 10


Thursday, 4 March, 2010

3:00 am

Left the Internet cafe for the hotel room. Pre-packing the things that I had bought. It seemed that I was in need of a small luggage bag. During my planning for this trip, I had decided to buy the luggage bag here in Indonesia. I was about to buy it back in Solo then, but decided against it. Now that the date for the flight home was near, I had to get one.

5:00 am

The sun was about to rise. Slept.

12:00 pm

Had shower. The sandwich and tea had been on the table outside the room for quite a while and the tea was not even lukewarm. Done with them anyway. Gathered the clothes that needed washing in a plastic bag and off to look for a laundrette. Found one but they provide laundry services and no self-service. Look for another and found one similar. I decided to wash it myself, returned back to the hotel room.

2:00 pm

Road Side Fruits Seller

Went out for lunch and strolled along Jalan Parangtritis capturing its views and the means of transport here in Jogja. Heading north, crossing the junction, I had reached a shopping centre where they sell computers. Roamed a while in there. There were also shops selling handphones and cameras. I enquired about the standalone wireless Internet broadband service and that put my understanding of it in order. I had always enquired about standalone prepaid wireless broadband service. I now knew that the service was with the prepaid mobile phone service. I had never accessed the Internet using the mobile phone. Never like it, not even emails. Now that the access period, the bandwidth (total download), the speed and the need to register are known, it had become clearer. Would try it later.

5:00 pm

Jogja Computer Market

Decided I had enough, headed back to the hotel. Bought water heater and instant coffee along the way.

7:00 pm

Went out and bought two small packets of washing powder and then to the Internet cafe, gotta use up and finish all the coupons that I had in hand.

Almost 11:00 pm now, I am still writing, blogging and some surfing.