The Battle Of Super Telezoom

Sigma & Tamron 150-600mm Super Telezoom

Sigma & Tamron 150-600mm Super Telezooms

Sigma has just announced it’s new, not one but two, super telezooms, the 150-600mm F/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports and the 150-600mm F/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary .  It has been expected that Sigma will come out with a version to rival the Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD, and now we know it come with a little surprise.  The sports version is the bigger brother, heavier, more elements and a huge filter size of 105mm but the contemporary version is packaged quite similar to the one offered by Tamron, except that the weight is yet to be announced.  We will see what will the pricing be.

What I like about the Sigmas is that they have vertical stabilisation which makes panning a piece of cake, while the Tamron ones doesn’t.  At least that is what I saw from the pics of the big brother here plus all zoom range lock and focus limiter.  No doubt comparison will be made between the Sigmas and the lone Tamron and I am waiting for it.

Cloning: Reimage Fails To Load


I have not been keeping myself abreast on the development of the low-level side of the PC, namely the firmware and hard disk partitioning until I find myself facing a wall.  Why?  Because not many sites cover this topic.  If they ever did, then I probably would have missed it or I could have brushed it aside because it is of little concern.  The PC has reached its peak growth so there is not much to write about.  Naturally and gradually articles on smart phones and others appear to fill in the void.  As for my complacency, it is intentional.  I have learnt not to know fully well details of something which will become obsolete in a few years, just enough on the superficial level.

Enough said, now back to the topic.  My recently assembled PC fails to load Ubuntu Studio after reimage.  The program that I used for both processes, cloning and reimaging, is non other than Clonezilla.  Upon rebooting, Grub just could not proceed to load the OS and it duly ends to a prompt.  If I remember it well, I think it says something about missing config file.  I reinstall Ubuntu Studio and repeat the whole process again and the result is still the same.

UEFI bios interface and surprisingly now in GUI

UEFI bios interface and surprisingly now in GUI

My first stop in troubleshooting journey is  Here I come to know about EFI which later become UEFI, which gives birth to GPT or GUID Partition Table.  The purpose of their creation is to cater for the needs of future architecture, namely the 64-bit processor architecture.  That is to expand the limitations posed by prior solution.  After some quick readings, I come to the conclusion that the probability lies in the MBR size in the GPT partitioned hard disk that causes the problem and I am using an old version of Clonezilla.  I then proceed to download the latest stable version of Clonezilla, the Ubuntu-based 64-bit version and problem solved.

Linux: From Toe Testing To Flat Footing

UbuntuSudio Desktop

UbuntuStudio Desktop

I had tried Linux once in a while as time went by and I had seen the improvements made over the years. Still, I wasn’t ready to have a system based on it. Last few weeks I spent trying out a few of the Linux distros to check if it was time for me to have a permanent installation instead of just install and delete. I was in need of another computer and I wanted to know if the time had came for me to have a Linux box permanently.

After some searching, reading, downloading, burnt a few cds and trying, I must say that now Linux is practically more than ready for the masses. It works right after installation though you still need to install the printer driver which is easy if supported and the proprietary graphics card driver instead of the default driver, if you want the real deal (initially this needs some sweating though).

Graphics card and printers installed

Graphics card and printers installed

There are still some loose ends to be tackled but they are not of great concern. Things like installing application programs and hardware drivers especially graphics cards and printers if they are not in the repositories at hand (the default distro repositories right after installation) which are still quite technical. Thus I hope in the near future, the Linux developers communities could make the installation/removing process of application programs and hardware drivers unified and simple, whatever the variant of the Linux OS that is used. These will entice the application developers and hardware manufacturers to produce products that will also target the Linux OS platform.

I decided to settle for UbuntuStudio because it had groups of programs for audio production, video production, graphic design, photography and publishing. The decision was not hard to make as the new pc was primarily intended for photography post processing.

Application programs

Application programs

Installation was straight forward and fast (without internet connection). At the reboot, it was done, unlike Windows 7 installation that has to go through 3 reboots to get it done. But what is more important is the feeling I get in using it, I must say that it is a pleasure. The booting up process, shutting down process and opening and closing of application programs (same programs used in Windows 7) are fast compared to Windows 7. I am so satisfied that I am now shifting my body weight slightly over to this foot standing on the Linux OS.

Selamat Hari Raya ‘IdilFitri 1435

Sempena datangnya awal Syawal esok dan berakhirnya Ramadhan penghulu segala bulan ini, saya ucapkan, “Selamat Hari Raya ‘Idil Fitri kepada sekalian muslimin dan muslimat semoga puasa kita diterima Allah Ta’ala tuhan yang maha Esa lagi Sangat Pengasih dan Sangat Mengasihani dan dengan RahmatNya semoga kita kembali fitrah.”

Saya ingin menyentuh dua perkara, yang satu saya fikir sangat penting kerana ianya menyentuh tentang tauhid dan yang lagi satu saya kira melucukan.

Pada akhir-akhir Ramadhan banyak lagu-lagu raya berkumandang di corong-corong radio.  Antara banyak lagu-lagu raya yang berkumandang ada dua yang saya tahu liriknya salah.  Yang satu salah tentang tauhid dan yang lagi satu salah tentang fenomena alam.

Pertama: Lagu raya yang dinyanyikan oleh Sanisah Huri yang mana saya tidak tahu tajuknya.  Semasa saya mengikuti kelas ugama di Singapura dahulu ketika saya menetap di sana, ustaz yang membimbing kelas itu telah memberitahu bahawa Allahu Akbar pendek sahaja sebutan Akbarnya.  Kalau Akbarnya (bunyi ‘bar’nya) panjang maka maknanya lari, bukan lagi Yang Maha Besar, malah ertinya telah menjadi Pokok.  Sebab itu di Singapura penyanyinya Sanisah Huri telah membuat versi yang baru yang mana bunyi Akbarnya telah dipendekkan.  Saya harap pihak-pihak yang berkenaan tidak lagi menyiarkan lagu ini di hari-hari yang mendatang.

Kedua:  Lagu raya rok yang saya tidak tahu grupnya ataupun tajuknya.  Tersebut pada liriknya (lebih kurang yang saya faham) bulan sedang menyinar semasa menunggu fajar awal Syawal.  Ini salah.  Bulan mengambang penuh dan hampir penuh pada malam-malam 14, 15 dan 16.  Pada akhir bulan, cahayanya hampir tiada kelihatan.  Hendak mempastikan melihat anak bulan kena pakai teropong itupun kalau tiada awan yang melindunginya.

Semoga kembali fitrah.

Marhaban ya Ramadhan 1435

Sempena bulan Ramadhan 1435 hijrah saya ucapkan, “Selamat Berpuasa” kepada sekalian muslimin dan muslimat semoga kita sama-sama dapat menghayati dan mendapatkan munafaat sepenuhnya dari penghulu segala bulan ini.  Amin ya Rabbal ‘Alamin.

Disyurkan agar kita dapat memperbanyakkan ibadah pada bulan yang mulia ini.  Jika sekiranya kita tidak dapat membuat yang sedemikian maka ketahuilah bahawa Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. telah bersabda, “Iklaskan ugama mu nescaya yang sedikit itu memadai bagi kamu.”  Allah Ta’ala tidak memandang pada rupa, harta-benda yang kita miliki, yang dipandangNya ialah hati kita.  “Hasad dengki akan memakan amalan sebagaimana api memakan kayu yang kering,” lebih kurang yang saya ingat tapi inilah patinya pada sebuah hadith yang lain.

Semoga kembali fitrah.


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